I posted this idea to the nightmare bird site about 2 months ago but forgot to post it here. So here's my take on a Balance Minotaur.

475 Health
1 starting pip
Regular speed

Level 1 spells:

Scorching Sand: 75 Balance Damage over 3 rounds (protected)

Branded Beetle: 75 Balance Damage and swap 1 overtime with target

Flanking Strategy: +1 pip to all allies except yourself, remove Taunt and Pacify from enemy team at the end of this turn

Summon Swarm: 75 Balance Damage over 3 rounds (protected) and +125 Trap

Beckon the Elements: 225 Fire, Ice, or Storm Damage

The Sun Sets: 525 Balance Damage over 3 rounds (protected)

Levels 2-5:

Cow's Cow: +100 Trap and 75 Balance Damage if target is Taunted or Pacified

Sunstorm: 300 Balance Damage over 3 rounds to all enemies (protected), place a +150 Trap on enemies that are Taunted or Pacified

Pip Pilferer: +50 Trap and steal pip from target if target has a DoT

Immortal's Ire: Target takes +50 Damage for 2 rounds

Design notes:

The drawback to DoTs is that they take a while to deal a lot of damage, while the drawback for Traps is that you need some sort of damage in order to make use of them. The Balance Minotaur is a form that attempts to combine these two mechanics. This form also has two new mechanics, one of them already being in the base game but the other doesn't exist yet. One is the random-school damage mechanic that you can find on a few Balance Spells such as Gaze of Fate or Spectral Blast. The other is the removal of Taunt and Pacify effects. Right now I think that Storm Colossus is the best Beastform in the game, and we used to be in a time where the Ice Fairy was also a scary form to fight. So that kinda influenced me to make a counter for this mechanic.

Both DoTs and Traps are effects that Death forms use, but I figured that this form would be overloaded if I made it Death. It's supposed to focus almost exclusively on those two hanging effects. Death forms can make it work, but they aren't this​ specialized on DoTs and Traps.

Scorching Sand: A basic DoT spell that exists to provide synergies and to proc Traps.

Branded Beetle: Every Balance form has a spell that swaps a certain hanging effect with its target, and this is the one for the Balance Minotaur. With two already swapping charms, another 2 swapping wards, and only one that swaps overtimes, I decided to make this the second overtime swapper.

Flanking Strategy: If countering Taunt/Pacify isn't good enough, you can just cancel them now. I think an AoE pip spell like this should cost 3 pips or else you can cast it every turn, but it's also an important turn 1 spell so I just had it exclude yourself.

Summon Swarm: It's a 2-pip (almost) immediate 150 that grows into a 200 damage spell if it lasts long enough. And since the damage is protected, chances are that it will. I don't quite like the sheer number of 2-pip 200 spells in the game, but the way that this one is delayed while still offering a decent burst of damage makes this a design I really like.

Beckon the Elements: A big weakness of DoTs, as well as Traps to a lesser extent, is that the damage is not applied immediately. This spell provides a way to deal a large amount of instant damage, but with the drawback of being less efficient than your other options. It does random elemental damage because I thought it would be really flavorful for a spell with the Hydra animation. Plus possible bonus damage!

The Sun Sets: A high-cost payoff for building up pips. It does 525 damage as a nod to the Balance Fairy's spell, but this time it's in DoT form since it costs 2 less pips and the Balance Fairy has less health.

Cow's Cow: If you get the joke about this spell's name, congratulations, you get a cookie crumb. If you get the joke about another video game series about this spell's name, then you get the entire cookie. Anyways, this is a 1-pip spell that punished Taunt and Pacify (you can technically hit a Pacified enemy with this if they Pacify the same turn you use this and they go before you).

Sunstorm: An alternative payoff to The Sun Sets, this one being an AoE. Also, by being an AoE, this can be used to work around Taunts and Pacifies, so I wanted to include some extra punishment to forms that utilize those strategies.

Pip Pilferer: Another mechanic that I haven't seen utilized in Beastmoon yet is the ability to steal pips. This can be a strong utility, by denying your opponent that pip it will be more difficult to use high-pip spells against you. It's also designed to create a combo that lets you play your powerful 5-pip spells.

Immortal's Ire: It's Mark of Moirai from the Balance Krok, except a pip cheaper and on a form that can get more use out of it. Every instance of damage is increased by 50, and that includes individual ticks from DoTs. I think that the Balance Minotaur's focus on DoTs will make this a deceptively good spell.