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      Why so many No-Auction housing items?!

      This thread really sums up to: What are your opinion on No Auction housing items?

      Lately, Ki has been releasing a lot of housing items that are no auction and not many items have been auctionable, and when they are they're usually items that are extremely rare (I think the last time a new item that was released that is actually common was the Telos housing shop items). I must say there's a lot of players who simply trash or discard by other means housing items they receive from packs because it takes up valuable space and they're not individuals that spend their time doing housing to make use of those No-Auction items. An easy way to deal with that is to remove their no auction tag and allow those players to donate these items to other players who would have better use for them. There are players who have more than they need and often times collect dust in their extremely full attics, when they could make another player's house better looking.

      I just think the Spiral will be a lot brigher if there were less limitations preventing players from sharing their loot to those that can benefit from it. I know this might be cutting from Ki's sales of packs as there are probably a number of players that purchase packs because of the exclusivity of housing items, but I think there's a greater good in having the items be auctionable because more likely than not, players are really purchasing packs for the gear instead.

      Just some thoughts but I really see that there's a significant amount of No Auction items out there in the spiral in comparison to those that can be sold in the bazaar, I don't want to see this being the case. In an older but similar thread (http://www.wizard101central.com/foru...81#post5634981) I made a couple months back, @Arthur Wethersfield stated "I agree, it would be nice to remove No Auction from older furniture items." yet two major updates later, nothing has changed about this so I decided to remake this thread to garner more recent support of this!
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      Re: Why so many No-Auction housing items?!

      Yes, I agree, it's nuts how many no auction housing items are out there. In my opinion there should be no no auction items, but if there absolutely has to be then perhaps ones bought directly in the Crowns Shop. It's also unsurprising that nothings been done since Arthur's post (even though it sounded more like an opinion than a statement) as KI has a history of "looking into things" with nothing coming of it (Myth school Polymorph anyone?), so while it would make sense to remove the no auction tag from them I'm not holding my breath for that day to come for obvious reasons.

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      Re: Why so many No-Auction housing items?!

      The fact that so many useless items are no-auction really bugs me. Mirror Lake non-crowns drops, a bunch of Avalon and Azteca drops, a lot of useless "mega" snacks, some really ancient furniture items, etc. Compare to the Scroll of Fortune, for example, which would make sense as no auction (not that I'm advocating for that).

      At the very least, they can update some of the older items and remove the no auction label since it gets really frustrating really fast. If I want to get rid of some of my lower-tier "mega" snacks, I shouldn't have to feed the stack to increase my pet's happiness or slowly sell them off at the regular snack vendors in the Pet Pavilion. It's disappointing.

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      Re: Why so many No-Auction housing items?!

      It feels nice to have rare items, but realistically, the time and effort it would take to achieve big projects involving rare items and considering how many houses exist, it's daunting and nearly impossible when you have a life and responsibilities. Aside from certain crown/pack items, yeah, I don't think a lot of the items should be no-auction either. It's an understandable idea to also have world-exclusive items that you can buy but not sell at the bazaar to motivate players to quest far enough to get them, but at the end of the day, it's a home. It's art, furniture, and an activity to do apart from questing. It surprised me when Polaris came out and I couldn't buy & sell the stuff at my own expense so that someone else without membership could buy/use it in their home. I don't know if it's still like that since I haven't checked in years, but yeah, that's unnecessary.

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