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      2022 Central Summer Fun Skit Writing Contest

      Welcome to another fantastic summertime writing contest!

      In this contest, participants will create a short "summer fun" skit.

      Contest Rules

      • Skits must tell a story of happenings somewhere in the Spiral.
        • Sample settings for skits could be shopping in the bazaar, fishing in Avalon, traversing the pet maze with your favorite pet or hanging with buddies in Ravenwood. The possibilities are endless!
        • Remember, skits are short forms of writing. They are oftentimes humorous but can be serious as well.

      • Each person is limited to 1 entry only.
      • You may edit your entry for formatting reasons or to fix grammatical issues, but completely changing your entry once submitted will not be allowed.
      • Graphics are allowed to help illustrate your skit, but they are not required.
      • This contest will run until 11:59pm Central Time on June 17th.
      • HAVE FUN!!!!


      • 1st Place - Creepier Carnival Bundle
      • 2nd Place - 10,000 Crowns + Mecha Rex Mount
      • 3rd Place - 5,000 Crowns + 2 Hoard Packs (1 Aquila & 1 Unforgiven Dead)
      • 4th Place - 2,000 Crowns + 2 Hoard Packs (1 Aquila & 1 Unforgiven Dead)

      Any questions or concerns, please contact me, CelestialMoon, via private message or visitor message. Leave the contest thread for entries only, please.

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      Re: 2022 Central Summer Fun Skit Writing Contest

      Allow me to present some fun little wordplay I invented for this contest:

      "Hey, Kirsten! You spending summer under the Mooshu sun as well?"

      "Jameson! Hello! Truth be told, I'm just here trying to catch some Sumo Koi for my aquarium. I heard they can get really stocky."

      "Ohoho, does that mean you're going after a Whopper?"

      "Well, not exactly."

      "Alright then, here's hoping you get something nice, Kirsten - oh!"

      "I've got one, Jameson! Just a moment, gotta reel it in slowly. I can't wait to see what it looks like!"

      "Pull now, you've got it!"

      "Alright then, now to give it a sharp TUG, and... it's caught! Ooh, the Sumo Koi looks as stocky as they said it is, Jameson! But..."

      "Sure looks pretty Kirsten, but it seems to be a little bit, um, short. Does that mean it's a Small Fry?"

      "Well, not exactly."

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      Re: 2022 Central Summer Fun Skit Writing Contest

      Logging off (based on a true story)

      *Right defeating Minak after climbing the Sky Anchor in Borealis Peaks*

      Lucas LightBright (My Storm): "Ugh, that walk up that dungeon is uggghhhh so longgggg........"

      Mellori: "This is our last chance! The Borealis Golem is going to destroy the spiral, we have to push forward!"

      Lucas LightBright: "Lucky for you to say, I destroyed an entire prison camp and liberated an entire community enslaved Pinguoins that were mind-controlled! And I had to fight Ivan... did I mention that before??"

      Mellori: "This is no time to think about the past, we have to stop the Ratsputin and that behemoth of monster over there!"

      *Mellori points to the Golem thrashing through the sea nearby*

      Lucas LightBright: "Sorry, but I'm just too tired. We can do this another day but I'm just, I'm just too tired Mellori."

      Mellori: "There is no tomorrow if we don't do something and do something quick! We've done so much already to take some measily break!"

      *Mellori goes behind Lucas and pushes him while Lucas sluggishly lets free the strength of his body"

      Lucas LightBright: "Sorry but I gotta go. I'll come back to save Polaris from utter destruction another time."

      Mellori: "Wait what, gotta go? What do you mean? You can't just go back down the mountain!"

      *Lucas LightBright quickly wipes out his SpellBook and vanishes into thin air (logs out). Mellori tips over and slips on the snow, falling face first right where Lucas used to be"

      Mellori: "No no no no no, this can't be happening!"

      *Mellori clutches the snow where Lucas has stood a moment ago and fearfully looks at the rampaging mountain-sized Borealis Golem and starts crying. Ivan appears after beating up Minak senseless*

      Ivan: "That path is too long but Ivan ready to beat up big Golem! No? Where is wizard go?"

      Mellori: "I don't know. I don't know anymore. We can't do this by ourselves!"

      Ivan: "I think not. Ivan very strong still, strong to save Polaris by himself. We need no rely on Wizard!"

      *Ivan rushes up to the edge of the mountain and courageously leaps off Borealis Peaks thinking he can latch on to the Golem but obviously misses because the Golem is far away now*

      *Spiral Ends. And Scene.*
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      Wink Re: 2022 Central Summer Fun Skit Writing Contest

      "The Wrong Book"

      *4 young wizards are enrolled in summer school with Lucky Hookline to learn how to fish.*

      Lucky Hookline: "Welcome to the first day of class! It's great to see you all!"

      Tara: "It's good to see you too, but I hope this goes by fast. I've got gardening I need to do!"

      Nicole: "Yeah, Lucky! I would much rather be farming for gear right now!"

      Hunter: "I just wish this was a monstrology class instead. Fishing is boring."

      Rowan: "Am I the only one who thinks fishing is the coolest?"

      Lucky Hookline: "Don't worry Rowan, me too! Anyways, let's get started!"

      -------------------------------------class continues-----------------------------------------

      Lucky Hookline: "The trick is to wait until the lure completely sinks below the water..."

      *Nicole groans and lays her head into her hands*

      ------------------------------------next class------------------------------------------------

      Lucky Hookline: "There are many different kinds of fish. They even follow the same schools as wizards..."

      *Hunter snores and dreams about monstrology*

      ------------------------------------next class------------------------------------------------

      Lucky Hookline: "You'll want to use different fishing spells depending on what you are trying to catch..."

      *Tara stares off into the distance trying to remember if she watered her plants before class*

      *Rowan abruptly raises his hand*

      Lucky Hookline: "Yes, Rowan, did you have a question?"

      Rowan: "Do you have a favorite fishing spell?"

      Lucky Hookline: "Well, I think they all have a time and place in my fishing adventures, but we will get into some more interesting ones later this week. We are sticking to the basics for now."

      -----------------------------------class continues--------------------------------------------

      Lucky Hookline: "Who was paying attention today? Because we are about to have a pop quiz over what you learned this week."

      *Tara, Nicole, and Hunter's eyes widen and their faces go white, where Rowan straightens up to prepare*

      *They are handed the quiz and begin to scribble away. For one individual in particular it is a breeze, but the other three scour through the questions hoping to at least get a few correct.*

      --------------------------------------next class----------------------------------------------

      Lucky Hookline: "Welcome back! So, I was reading your answers to the pop quiz from last class and it seems like the last question was more challenging than I anticipated.
      *She reads*
      'What is special about the flame lure? What kind of fish does it catch?'

      And your answers were, 'one fish'

      *Nicole covers her face*

      'two fish'

      *Hunter crosses his arms while rolling his eyes*

      'red fish'

      *Rowan grins proudly*

      'blue fish'

      *Tara looks away fidgeting*

      Lucky Hookline: "I think some of you are reading the wrong fishing book."

      *end scene*


      one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish - Dr. Seuss

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      Re: 2022 Central Summer Fun Skit Writing Contest

      Funny skit about decorators

      We are this special species called decorators
      and we may look strange just hanging in the air with our platform moving with tatami.

      Name:  Photo Houses--2021-01-21-08-27-01.jpg
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Size:  98.7 KB

      Sometimes we create something completely new,
      sometimes just magical or even creepy.

      Name:  Photo Houses--2022-05-12-05-11-02.jpg
Views: 102
Size:  203.1 KB

      We go: SPARTA! for rare items which looks just weird for normal mortals,
      But we truly desperately need them for projects imagined in our minds.

      Name:  Photo Houses--2022-05-28-19-27-01.jpg
Views: 102
Size:  269.1 KB

      So next time when you see someone running with bag of dirt-
      it may be his most precious part
      and don't you forget- each one of us have Michelangelo inside!

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      Re: 2022 Central Summer Fun Skit Writing Contest

      Just Another Day in The Spiral
      You know... just your typical day trying to live life in the world of magic
      Alex - "Hey Keira! Haven't seen you in a long time how have you been?"
      Keira - "Oh hey, Alex! I've just been super stressed lately Professor Drake has it out for me I swear.."
      Alex - "Oh dang, I've only seen him around Ravenwood a couple of times after classes are out, seems scary."Keira - *she scoffs and puts a hand against her forehead* "Don't even get me started, that man has his favorites it seems, and I'm not one of them, I could care less though, I just need to learn one spell from him anyways. Oh! I see Maddy! God she's been gone for so long, I wonder what she's been doing skipping classes. She could literally fail Professor Balestrom's classes because of that. Oh crap! I think she's coming over here, act casual."
      Madeline (Maddy) - "Hey guys!" *she waves with a sweet but stressed smile* "Haven't seen either of you for weeks! Finally had a couple of minutes to myself honestly.."
      Keira - *she raises one eyebrow* "Huh? What have you been doing anyways? Everytime I ask Headmaster Ambrose he tells me to not worry and to scurry along back to my classes." *she frowns*
      Madeline (Maddy) - *she waves a hand of dismissal* "Don't worry about it too much, we can catch up for a bit! Wanna hit the bazaar or go to Marleybone to check out the Museum?"
      *Alex and Keira look at each other and exchange shrugs*
      Keira - "Sure! I'd be down what about you, Alex?"
      Alex - "Yeah totally, I can save myself from getting charred by another Phoenix in Professor Falmea's class." *he looks down to the ground with an amused grin*
      Madeline (Maddy) - *she looks up, gives a nod in a certain direction and her face drops as she looks back at her two friends* "Ugh, sorry guys, I know I'm the one who suggested it but I'm going to have to rain check."
      Keira - "What, why?"Madeline (Maddy) - "Because apparently full grown adults can't stop universal threats themselves, so they rely on a teenaged kid." *she turns around and stomps off*
      Keira - *she looks at Alex with an incredulous gaze* "What does that even mean?!"
      Alex - *he raises both hands up* "Hey man, don't ask me, I zoned out after awhile, I just wanted to come along for food."
      Haha based off of what I had first thought when I started the game, I always wondered why they let us as a player character (mind you we seemed like 15-16, 17 at most) go around the Spiral fighting these dangerous beings, and them (being the headmaster, and everyone else we meet during the storyline) being super casual making us fight to the death with literal celestial beings and gods sometimes.
      1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 you make me feel like eleven !
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      Re: 2022 Central Summer Fun Skit Writing Contest

      Pork chortled. “Come on Ione! You can’t chicken out now!” Ione looked at the water skis I held in my hand with a roll of her eyes. “You did lose the bet.” I reminded her. “Sierra, how was I going to believe you were actually going to be able to convince Bat to do karaoke? I will tell you what the odds were, astronomically low!” She grumbled as she took them. “Ione, you need to loosen up and have some fun when the Spiral isn’t in mortal danger, not to mention it is summer and school is out! Look how nice and warm it is here in the Floating Lands!” I laughed. “If I learn anything from this, it is to never make a bet with the savior of the Spiral ever again. How do I put these on?” She sighed in resignation.

      A couple minutes later they had her on the edge of the dock and holding onto the handle of the rope and looking out at the Krakens on the other end waiting for the signal to race off and pull Ione through the water. Ione stood stiffly in the skis. “How am I supposed to position mysel-” “GO!” Pork shouted suddenly. Ione’s eyes widened before she was yanked onto the water as the Krakens streaked through the water. “PORK!!!!!!” She screamed. I rounded on Pork. “What was that for!” He ran over and jumped into his water skis and grabbed his rope. “Forcing her to loosen up, now come on, we can catch up to her!” I couldn’t keep back the laugh at the truth of his words, the terror in Ione’s face as she shot off was too funny.

      I quickly jumped into my water skis and Pork and I quickly caught up to the flailing Ione who was truly magically staying upright. “Bend your knees!” She looked wildly at me before taking my suggestion. After a while she stopped flailing and a smile began to appear on her face. “There you go!” I laughed. “It is actually enjoyable!” She yelled back. Pork pulled up next to her. “Well, I’ll be, you can have fun.” Pork said with a grin. “Don’t get used to it.” Ione retorted. “I guess I will have to make the most of today’s fun then, to the jumps!” Pork declared with glee. Ione’s face turned to one of pure fear as they headed towards a particularly large jump. I laughed heartily. What a rarity it was to finally have fun with friends for once with no enemy peering around the corner. “PORK, I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS!” Ione screamed as she was launched in the air. Then again, maybe my next quest would be to protect Pork from Ione when summer ended.

      Thanks for the contest!
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      Re: 2022 Central Summer Fun Skit Writing Contest

      A not so long time ago in the Spiral not so far, far away. . . .

      A Parody

      It is a period of evil corruption in the gardens of the spiral. The evil magma peas have discovered dark magic and are refusing to give any pet snacks or other rewards. They have created an ultimate weapon that will enveloped all gardens in darkness so they would constantly freeze and rewards can no longer be given.
      However a small group of wizards have discovered the secret of defeating this weapon. As Sarai Soulmender, custodian of that secret, rushes home with the secret that can save the plants and restore order and rewards to the spiral she is confronted by the sinister agents of the evil
      peas. . . .

      ‘Dark Potatoes, I should’ve known, only you would be so bold. . .

      ‘Don’t act so surprised, you weren’t on any questing mission this time, several transmissions were messaged to you I want to know what happened to those plans!’

      ‘I don’t know what your’re talking about. . . .’

      You are a wizard spy and a plant hater!’

      ‘You will restore plant rewards. . . .’

      ‘I will restore- ahh, your powers ar weak, old girl, when you left I was but the minion, now I am the master, your wizard mind tricks won’t work on me!’

      ‘You were the chosen Potato! It was said you would destroy the dark peas, not join them! Bring Balance to the Spiral Gardens, not leave them in darkness!

      ‘You don’t know the power of the dark peas!’

      ‘Search yourself Potato, I feel the conflict within you, let go of your hate!

      ‘I must obey my master’

      ‘I will not leave you, I’ve got to save you!’

      Sarai turns an pulls the bottle she was given by the masters of the Scroll of Fortune,

      ‘Help me oh please Gardening benefit potion bottle, you’re my only hope!

      She drinks the potion and cast the spell. . .

      A Harvest Explodes! Order and rewards have been returned!

      ‘You were right, tell the spiral you were right about me, you were right!’

      The End. The Happily Gardened ever after

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      Re: 2022 Central Summer Fun Skit Writing Contest

      Thanks for all the super creative and fun entries! The writers here on Central never cease to amaze me and everyone else that is able to read and enjoy your creative responses!

      The winners of this contest are as follows:

      1st Place - #7 by BlueflameDragonTamer
      2nd Place - #8 by PhantomSlick7272
      3rd Place - #4 by Taytay419
      4th Place - #3 by Dylan Windwalker


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