I'm so excited to finish my last classes at Marleybone. I have three more finals -- one on Monday (it's online), one on Wednesday, and my last one on Thursday. My finals are on Intermediate Healing, a storm Mechanical Electricity and Circuitry class, and one of my Necromancer requisites to graduate, respectively.It's been really gloomy here. It rains almost every day. I love the Dark Academia vibes, but I'm ready to leave. I'm craving for the bright, blazing Krokotopia suns. I can't wait to drink fresh water from the Oasis springs and lounge in the piping hot sands.

Krokotopia is my favorite vacation destination. I know that a lot of people enjoy Celestia, and I do too, but I prefer going to Celestia in July when there are less architects all over the place. I'm focused on the end of May and early June for now. Only one week left for me! Agh, it's so exciting.

As excited as I am to travel to Krokotopia, I can't help but be stressed about these three finals. It's comforting to know that, no matter what happens, I will be out of Marleybone in exactly seven days. But these grades will haunt me if I perform poorly on these finals.

Wish me luck. I will send updates!