The most recent Beastmoon event (Monster Mayhem) has just ended and this time around it was fun for everyone.

In this event, the teams were supportive of new players and the old confrontational or intimidating attitudes were all but gone. It was great to see everyone working as a team and looking out for each other instead of just themselves.

Based on some comments in game and that were sent to me via PM, a lot of that change came from being able to better understand the game before getting started. This brought me a lot of satisfaction knowing others were seeing what I was seeing.

Thanks to this recent Monster Mayhem event, people have a much better idea of how the different forms work, how to communicate and work as a team.

Now, this is the foundation of the next coming event which will be The Beastmoon Hunt. This event uses the same forms, but in a form that is similar to PvP rather than PvE like in Mayhem.

To help those who want to explore The Hunt, I have started another guide that is already getting additional information/tips/tricks from other players. I hope that between the Monster Mayhem guide (Which can be reviewed at any time) and the NEW Beastmoon Hunt guide, The Hunt can become easier to understand and more enjoyable for everyone.

Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Guide:

The NEW Beastmoon Hunt Guide:

I would love to hear from others who participated in this recent Monster Mayhem event. Please share your stories and observations (The good, the bad and the ugly).