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      Look at these spells I made 8 years ago!

      Just recently been watching some new wizard101 videos on YT and this game has come so far, I joined back when the level 48 spells had just been released and played until 2019 (give or take a few breaks). I made these spells as part of a contest back in 2013 and I just thought it would be fun to share them again now and see how OP they would be in todays game haha.
      Also Hi to anyone who remembers me, was very active on here and had a max level of every school, no idea how many fellow vet players are still around

      Kelpie ~ At the bottom of a dark ocean there is a small cave in the distance, the waters starts getting sucked into the cave then a loud noise is heard coming from the cave (no idea what sort of noise lol) then kelpie bursts through the small hole in the cave sparking all over it's body. It starts drawing in water through it's mouth like a whirlpool then shoots it back out in a spiral of water + lightning attributes at each enemy.

      Ymir ~ The mountains from frost giant spell appear and a big ice foot stomps on them crushing them into the ground, then another foot comes along side and there is clouds above in which you see a ymir's head (like a frost giant) peek through the clouds, he then changes the shape of his hand into a boulder like form and smashes each enemy, he then turns to the team and blows across the whole team (like how frost giant stuns) and places a shield on each team member.

      Cherufe ~ A big pool of magma/lava is on top of a mountain, the mountain starts to shake violenty and 2 glowing orange rocky hands punch through each side of the mountain, then the whole mountain breaks and then a giant magma creature is left standing with trees/grass/bushes in the background on fire. He holds both his hands in the air and a huge ball of lava appears which he hurls at the enemy, he then unleashes a flow of lava onto the enemy stealing 4 charms/wards by making the lava flow return back to the caster.

      Mother Nature ~ A dark misty forest appears and you see a glowing light walking through from the back lighting the way, adding colour to the flowers/tress, a woman in a white dress + white wings and a harp appears facing the team, she plays the harp and sprites/pixies appear out of the forest and rush towards each team member healing them. After this her eyes turn dark along with her dress and wings, the forest turns dark and the ground starts trembling until long black vines burst through the forest floor reaching high up surrounding the woman, the vines swoop down and smack each enemy.

      Harpy Queen ~ A golden background with the sun setting appears high in the mountains, in the distant background you can see lots of flying birds which are the hapries around the peek of a tall mountain, all of a sudden they all fly away in every direction and you hear a loud screeching noise like an eagle. You see large talons appear from the clouds above the mountain peek and land on top, you then hear the sound of wings flapping and the wind being pushed past you, in a flash the Giant harpy queen flies towards the center and strikes each enemy with her talons. After that she unleashes a loud screeching sound stunning each enemy.

      Manticore ~ There is a dark sky background and rocky ground with large boulders, a swooping noise is heard and out of the sky flies down the manticore and lands on the ground, his claws dig into the ground and it starts to tremble, he then lifts both his feet up and slams them down on the ground unleashing a huge rush of earth towards each enemy. After this his scorpion tail sticks high up and shoots a burning venom from it's tail towards each enemy burning 1 pip away.

      Ammit ~ A dark tomb appears and you can see a dusty book lying on the floor(book of the dead), it starts to glow and opens up unleashing a dark light from it's pages to form a black portal, Ammit walks through the portal crushing it's feet into the ground. It opens it's mouth and unleashes a burst of dark insects flying towards the enemy which infects them, it then opens it's mouth again releasing a draining black beam draws the power from each enemy applying a weakness. After this it rams into each enemy with it's black glowing tusks .

      Freeze effect: Stops the player completely removing them from the battle for 1 round freezing pip gain and not allowing any spell from either side to effect them e.g. attacks/heals/shields/blades.
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      New Rank 11 spells / New Utility Spells

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      Re: Look at these spells I made 8 years ago!

      Ooo, I like the Mother Nature card!

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      Re: Look at these spells I made 8 years ago!

      These spell concepts are awesome! I remember when designing cards was the craze then as well haha (I may or may not have tried to design some myself when I was a kid too ). My favorite out of these is definitely Mother Nature.

      Credit to Expelliarmus for my signature and avatar

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      Re: Look at these spells I made 8 years ago!

      Augment sounds like a spell that will release but I feel like it would be better released as a Sun Spell that can enchant a spell with DoT, that changes the spell itself from a 3 turn to a 4 turn. But at the same time, perhaps making the spell Fire-Only through a Fire-Only questline.

      Kelpie seems way too powerful even for a storm spell but Idk if that's just me, I'm just considering the Sun-enchants as well but I do like the additional drawbacks of using the spell, I think drawback inclusions would make a lot of sense for storm spells that do a lot of damage. I'd probably increase the drawback though from -20% Pierce to -40% (or higher) given that storm wizards already have generally high pierce.

      Ymir would probably need a different side effect now because of the legion shield update. If anything that would ruin the game more, adding more stackable shields would probably be Top 5... I would enjoy an updated version of Snow Angel.

      I don't have any problems with Manticore actually lol

      Same with Mother Nature, it's basically a Non-DoT version of Swanz. I really hope Ki incorporates incoming/outgoing in the spell.

      Cherufe is just not gonna happening lol

      I don't have any problems with Ammit either, mass infection seems like a fair secondary effect.

      Harpy Queen, I'd probably change the Stun effect to something else because I feel as though Stun is too common of a secondary effect in Myth spells and I'd change it to something else...

      Spirit Blast needs to happen in the condition that players can actually learn it and not the Pay-to-win nonsense like Tribunal

      Sap sounds like a good spell too, it prevents a player from healing once.

      Enchange sounds like a good spell, something pretty balancy to me.

      Static Shock. stealing pips would be different from the Status Quo but Idk, I feel like stun is good though for Storm. Storm doesn't have many Stun spells....

      Cold Snap should be a Sun Spell that can enchant a spell, adding a stun effect on any spell while also increasing the amount of pips the spell is seems like a good idea to me. Not to mention the spell itself would be weaker since it's not increased by a damage enchant, which makes it pretty fair.

      Alternate is nice, Myth needs something different like that. Manipulating DoT (while Fire sticks with just applying them and adding)

      Remedy is a spell I think would be in game eventually, it's essentially a supercharge but with a healing blade. I would change it to self-only though because giving a incredibly high healing blade to the entire team would quickly break the game

      Signature created by Expelliarmus in Blue Nouveau Designs, thanks!
      Dylan Windwalker: Feel Free to stop by and ask me for any help by Visitor Messages/Private Messages! (I'll try to help whenever I'm possible)

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