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    Thread: Alexi's House

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      Alexi's House

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      Alexi's House

      It was two days ago that I began to hear those terrible noises coming from the fields. Every day the sounds seemed to inch closer to the farmhouse, mixing with the familiar weeping of the desparagus.

      I fed Alexiís hippogriff, Sammy, late last evening around sunset. Walter had chosen to follow me into the pen before he started barking. That brave hound began to throw a fit right in front of the first row of stalks. As I moved to calm him, he dashed off into the plants. At first I tried unsuccessfully to trudge my way through the chest-high crops while calling out to him, his footfalls trailing-off ahead of me into the distance. Then I tried hopping on Sammy and gliding over the desparagus, but he wouldnít go within ten feet of those things before bucking. We could only sit there in the pen as Walterís howlings were swallowed up by the fields.

      Iím at a loss regarding what I can do for our latest patient at the clinic. The patterns certainly point to something magical in structure, yet the typical manifest residue left by errant spells appears vacant. Iíve considered the possibility of it being a more base type of infection, but that leaves me with little more answers. This is unlike any manufactured or natural toxin I have ever seen before.

      I think, perhaps, that the patient may know of where he himself picked-up this strange ailment. At least then I would have some sort of lead. The student that brought him in yesterday was questioned, but thereís no details on file other than him being dazed and disoriented when he was admitted. His condition has only worsened since that time.

      It was one of the attendants that reported the rapid deterioration of his condition to me this morning. He remains conscious as of now, but has ceased responding to any sort of communication. Iíve sent an inquiry to Mr. Lincoln regarding his class attendance and any other formal gatherings he might have gone to. Hopefully that will shed some light onto the situation while I look for ways to stabilize him.

      My experiments on the relationship between spiritual rites and the natural world are finally bearing some fruit. Just a little more time and I should have enough to present to the Arcanum for my acceptance.

      I can imagine all the pomp of it now. After being rejected so many times Iíll be able to waltz straight in and study amongst the Spiralís best and brightest. An equal at last! Well thatís the goal anyway. Dworgyn says the acceptance process is a long and tedious one. Not quite sure how he would know that since Iíve never seen the old man leave the school...

      Iíll have to talk Samira into house-sitting. She may not understand necromancy, but hey thatís what divination is for, right? I think she owes me after last week anyhow.

      Cameron came by the other day to ask if I had been shipping any special seeds. The boy had a worried look on his face that I had never seen before. When I told him that I didnít bother with none of that jee-em-oh business he got really angry with me. First time Iíve seen a fellow gardener angry before, Iíll say that. Iíll say that indeed. Tending to the garden has always calmed my nerves, and I thought it was the same for everyone. Isnít that the point of gardening anyway? Maybe Wuís started teaching something different in olí Ravenwood these days.

      I told him that he could ask my brother Charley. Or my brother Harley. Or Narley or Barley or Marley. Or Roger, I suppose. Because nope! I told him I didnít have any special seeds. Tore the boy right up that did. So then I told him that if he heard of any special seeds he should come tell me, and if I heard of any special seeds I would go tell him. He hasnít come back yet though.

      Creaky floorboards everywhere! Iím not sure what the Windspar sisters were thinking getting into the house flipping business like this. The place is an absolute wreck. Thought the crown shop cornered the market on farms a few years back. Whatever. Said this place was abandoned ages ago by some crazy theurgist or something. I donít know. Would explain the chorus of bed-wetting weeds that surround the place. With how long this place has been empty, shouldnít they be dead anyway? Canít get one ounce of shut-eye while they are out there wailing away. Pawn the whole thing off to a grungy cat burglar looking to hide away in the middle of nowhere I say. Have them sort the whole mess out.

      Responded to an alert by a senior student today. One of Dworgynís kids was convinced someone was sneaking about his property trying to steal his research. Muldoon had me and Quinn go over to the place as the final stop for the day. We got there and had to listen to some crazed rant about how spies were being sent to sabotage the kidís work. All the proof the kid could point to was a few shuffled papers, a broken beaker, and his barking hound. We had resolved to shelve the case and head home when a figure stumbled out of the kidís gardens and onto the path in front of us looking like a ghost. ĎFore we knew it, out popped another just to give us two frights.

      My goodness my boy Quinn and I were about one second away from whacking these two spooks when the kid who called us rolled up behind and said he knew them. Then I just about turned around and whacked him. Apparently the two strangers had been curious about what their friend was working on and decided to sneak a peek at it. Stupid kids. Donít they know we have jobs to do?

      Iíve had to dispatch a courier to Zaníne and Kiliman for any updated healing tomes that we may not have on hand. We are usually kept up-to-date on these sorts of things since Mrs. Drake passed, but if one of the healers over in Ravenwood wants to make extra sure they are more than welcome to put that request in.

      Even when explaining the affliction to me Iím not sure I quite understood what it was I was looking for. I asked if it was another one of Falmeaís lot that misfired a spell; itís a strange day when half of the kids in the infirmary arenít pyromancers being treated for some type of burn. I didnít get much of a reply though. Privilege and all that.

      Hopefully that courier gets back here soon with some news. That healer is still dawdling about flipping through pages and giving me the side-eye. More books that will need to be sorted.

      I told Samira that she shouldnít go back there. At first she nudged me with her elbow sarcastically and laughed as if this was some running gag of ours. When she calmed down and realized I was serious, she said that it was all fine.

      Apparently Alexi had offered to forgive us for fiddling with his stuff in the basement. He even further assured her that we hadnít ruined anything of importance. When I tried to explain that something else was the matter she accused me of being scared to go back. ďNecromancers are always doing creepy stuff.Ē

      I sat there silently not knowing how to explain it. Sheís right. I am scared to go back.

      I cant wait to be done with this roommate business. Apparently Ravenwood realized that ripping a hole in space times underpants every time a new student arrived was probably not a carbon neutral practice so they shoved me in some death mages dorm room.

      Heís nice enough I guess even if he is a bit nuts. The guy throws a fit whenever I just glance over at his papers. Other than that he mostly keeps to himself as you would expect of one of those weirdos. Always absorbed in his work doing whatever it is hes doing. Iíve been counting the days till I wake up to a skeleton nibbling on my toenails though.

      Says he might have found some place else. Real nice he said. A special farmland a ways outside the main city. Greenery aint what I associate with a death mage but if it gets him out of here Im all for it.

      I moved Sammy inside yesterday to avoid leaving the safety of the house. After Walter didnít come back, I decided it was best to avoid the outside as much as I could. As crazy as it sounds Iíve taken some comfort in talking with the big lug. I know hippogriffs canít answer me back, but it helps calm me all the same. With the way heís been acting, he may be even more terrified than I am right now. Trying my best to soothe him helps preserve my own sanity I think.

      The sun is beginning to set again. Iím sure a sunset on any normal farm would be beautiful, the hues of red and orange stretching their fingers across the land toward the farmhouse in one last proffering of warmth and comfort. Perhaps there it would even be peaceful. But not here. Here the fingers bring grey shadows of stalks gazing into windows, and wisps of wind through the crops that scrape dissonant cries past the farmhouse walls.

      Sometimes I think I hear Walter barking out there in-between the gentle groans. But I know heís gone. I know thereís nothing out there now. No path, no pen, no Walter. The fields devoured them all.

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