Some of the spells our wizards have learned over the years i feel would make for least some decent Hybrid Spells.

  • 1 Death/Balance Hybrid would be taking Hex, Curse and Feint and having as a single spell that Balance and Death both learn and would be similar to the Triple Traps.

  • A second Death/Balace hybrid would be Dark Pact, Balanceblade, and Dragonblade and doing the same thing where its similar to the Triple blades.

  • Another thought I had was when a spell like Unicorn was played where it would still heal you and your allies but it also gave you and your allies a stun resist.

  • This following Hybrid id like to see replace all the Taunt and Pacify spells in game. What i mean is have them remove all the Taunt and Pacify spells in game and replace it with the one im bout to suggest since it would do be able to do both and make them obsoleat. This hybrid would allow a player to have all the Bosses/Minions/Henchmen's aggro redirected onto an Alli. This would help those with low health either due to them being low level or they took alot of damage and they want to stay alive and redirect all future damage to someone who has better health or can heal themselves like a death wizard. This hybrid all schools would have access to but instead of needing to go to a 'trainer' to get would be obtained from a quest, could be even from doing the dungeon near the death school.

  • This next Hybrid (if hybrid is what you want to call it) is gonna be a bit different in that IF it were to be seen on Live that it possibly would only be seen on pet(s), but if it is learned I would expect the Astral trainer in the Arcanum giveing us the quest to get it. With there being Hydra that does Fire, Ice and Storm and Chiemra that does Life, Death and Myth; I feel a third version that does Sun, Moon and Astral damage would be an interesting version and would also be the first Astral hit spell that id be aware of.
    I would also expect IF this spell is learned from the arcanum as a perm spell that all school could have access to it. I would also hope that astral tiple blades and astral triple traps would be part of any quest line for this spell if there was one.

  • This one is a Hybrid pet thought based on last thought. I think it be interesting if Blanace could take there Hydra school pet and Chimera school pet and get a Astral version of those pets that came with an astral version of the spell at baby and as its trained gets access to a Sun, Moon and Star tri blade and a Sun, Moon and Star tri trap.

​These are just a few of the thoughts I could think of I would like to see that could benefit all.