Hello, I have this project that I've been working on for a couple of days now called "Jurassic park". As you can tell from the name, it will be a Dino park. I've had one problem, however. I was wondering how to create the car that runs around the park that shows people around (of course you'd be able to go into the cages on foot in one way or another but I'd like to create that park experience as well). Wasn't sure what to do with it until today when the newest pack dropped with the train mount. The new mount as well as the random uber roleplay I was doing in the commons a couple of days ago out of boredom got me thinking...what if people could ride mounts that are placed down in a house? They wouldn't be controlling the mounts, just going wherever the mount goes (if pet crumbs are not used). That way decorators could create paths with bread crumbs for mounts and people would be able to mount them and simulate riding. This could expand way beyond the park idea as well. Imagine you have a pterodactylus and you allow your guests be able to fly around your castle (like in the honeycomb house but player-created). Could also be used to create elevators (i.e. a primate goes up a wall or something). I think that'd be super sick!