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      What is the quickest way to get arena tickets?

      I would like to buy some of the jewels sold by the vendor outside the PvP arena, but don't know the best way to go about acquiring the tickets necessary. I get a few tickets running daily assignments but would like to speed up that process. I am vaguely aware one can get arena tickets by PvP dueling, and while winning duelists get more losing duelists also get some. I really don't give a fig about PvP rank, I just want the tickets. Any helpful comments are welcome, but I'll ask some questions to try and kick off a conversation.

      Which of the various PvP duel styles (practice, ranked, daily, tournaments) lead to acquiring the most tickets in the least amount of time?

      Can realm switching give an advantage in speeding up the PvP process? Would I want to switch to a realm with more or fewer players?

      Can I leave the arena after setting up a match and go questing or pet training or something while waiting on the match to start?

      Does fleeing a match have any effect on tickets gained other than just losing?
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      Re: What is the quickest way to get arena tickets?

      Tourney's will give the most arena tickets, I think there's a minimum of 200-250 Arena Tickets per Tournament if you flee in all rounds and getting in last place. It's not necessarily recommended but like doing PvP anywhere is simply a horrible experience to go through with so I understand. If you know what you're doing and know the strats/gear set ups, you can really get a significant amount of Arena Tickets through one single tourney but it is unlikely. PvP really changes people... not in a good way.

      There is no point in switching realms to avoid battles. At least I've never heard to the tactic, assuming it doesn't work.

      Yeah you can do just about anything while in Queue for the Arena. Maybe you cannot hatch but I don't remember since I haven't done Tournaments in years...

      Fleeing is basically the same thing as losing, you will get some tickets but not a lot. Fleeing doesn't effect the amount of tickets you can potentially get given you win the next round for whatever reason, it's just a consistent number across the board (you cannot get below a certain number of arena tickets)

      Anyhow the Arena Tickets problem is long and old, Kingsisle isn't going to make it easier because they don't have a subjective conception of just how difficult PvP can be. People aren't told how to play (what to pack, what gear is best, what strats people use) and finding out is a struggle comparable to the act of winning itself. Tourneys are not as difficult as Ranked but it's PvP nonetheless and people go unnecessarily hard (borderline ruthless)

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      Re: What is the quickest way to get arena tickets?

      As Dylan said, PvP tournaments are by far the fastest and easiest way to make a large amount of tickets (assuming you have a membership). If you don't want to play the matches, you can afk or just flee each round and collect the rewards at the end. There are a few other alternatives for tickets, such as the daily quests and pet derby racing, but they aren't nearly as efficient unfortunately.

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      Thumbs up Re: What is the quickest way to get arena tickets?

      I managed to accumulate enough tickets grinding Tourneys to purchase a few mounts, gear, and housing items back in the Fall. I definitely recommend doing the same while these Tournaments are still free! Plus, you can just go AFK in 1v1 tourneys if you're pressed for time.

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