I'm in Marleybone again. I like to watch the people cross the streets from my window and observe the frequent light showers of rain hit the pavement. It's so peaceful here. People use YouTube to look up "Lofi study music vibes" videos, but I don't have to do that here because it's as if Marleybone is one of those aesthetic videos itself. I'm able to study with ease, and it's actually fun for me. Sometimes it gets boring, sure, but it usually is all right for me, since I'm able to get out of the apartment a lot. My Marleybone home, in a way, is designated for my studying. If you're interested, I'm practicing life magic here. I figured learning some more of the corresponding school to death would help me further develop my skills.

While I do a lot of studying here, I also take breaks. It's a part of the pomodoro type of study method. Study for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break. Repeat. It's during these quick breaks that I'm able to appreciate the outside world that surrounds me in my enclosed realm of studying, and have repeated existential thoughts.

Today some of my thoughts sparked from feelings of gratefulness. I'm so grateful to be alive in the Spiral. I'm so grateful to have a family, and even if we don't get along most of the time, I'm happy to have people to talk to that I can share anything with. I'm also grateful for the community of wizards around the Spiral. While some people of old age find fun in completing crossword puzzles and reading the newspaper, I think that when I'm old I'll be able to come back here, in Marleybone, and enjoy myself through the friends I meet and helping others (if it uses little energy).

I'm in the middle of a pomodoro right now. And my break is coming to an end. So goodbye, I guess. I'd like to continue to write in this journal when I get free time in the future. I enjoy posting my journal entries here in case anyone would find any interest in reading them. I know that I would like to read other people's journal entries if others posted.