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      Aquila Expansion!! What would you like to see?

      While I know there's a lot of possibilities as to what expansions Ki is thinking of making (aside from the new world that is likely going to release the end of this year), we have no idea what it might be. So I thought it would be nice to explore the options as to what it could be and I think the possibility that an Aquila expansion is far from the realms of possibility.

      I could imagine Ki will make three more dungeons with the difficulty of Levels 110 (Around the same difficulty as Darkmoor), Level 130 (Around the same difficulty as Storm Titan's Wake), and Level 150 (which would be the current highest level during that time I'm assuming). But I have no idea what those dungeons would be like or their themes.

      So what do you think an Aquila expansion would look like?

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      Re: Aquila Expansion!! What would you like to see?

      Athena: Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare. This one could be interesting. Smart and dangerous.

      God of war, violence, bloodshed and manly virtues. We've had a cup of coffee with Ares, but I'm sure a rematch is in order. This one could be really nasty.

      Hermes: G
      od of travel, commerce, communication, eloquence, diplomacy, thieves, and games. He was also the guide of dead souls. I could see where Hermes could be a real problem: guide to the dead, god of thieves and games.
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      Cool Re: Aquila Expansion!! What would you like to see?

      I would like to see a bit of a cross-over to P101 Aquila. There are many opportunities there as we could get recruited to sail the skies and help the Gods.

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      Re: Aquila Expansion!! What would you like to see?

      Something based off of the Twelve Labors of Heracles. Since there's 12 of them it could be split into 3-4 dungeons apiece. This is also a super rough draft that's more about ideas than things being perfectly balanced or exactly defined first try.

      1: Defeat the Meanie Lions. Heracles only had to fight one, but you gotta fight four. I'm also pretty sure you fight this in Empyrea but whatever, this is a different version.

      It's a fight against four Sun enemies with 3,000 health each. Sounds easy, right? Like a mob battle? The catch is that they're immune to all damage except for Star Damage. At the start of the first turn, and then again at the end of every third turn, you are given a special card (kinda like the curse cards from the final fight of Karamelle, but these aren't cursed. Also these can't be enchanted, so that's why they have stupid strong damage per pip). If you're in a team of two, you get two cards each. If you're doing this solo, you get three cards instead. Here's a list of the cards you could get:

      Star Strike
      Star, 1 pip, 100% accuracy, Damage Spell
      500 Star damage

      Star Volley
      Star, 1 pip, 100% accuracy, AoE Spell
      200 Star damage

      Star, 4 pips, 100% accuracy, Damage Spell
      1,500 Star damage

      Star, 0 pips, 100% accuracy, Charm Spell
      +30% damage to the next Star attack

      Star Trap
      Star, 0 pips, 100% accuracy, Ward Spell
      +50% damage to the next Star attack

      Starry Night
      Star, 2 pips, 100% accuracy, Global Spell
      +25% to all Star attacks

      2: The Lernean Hydra. I can't really think of anything silly to change its name to. This thing has nine heads, but given the mechanics for this fight you only have to fight one. Two if there's a lot of wizards present.

      At the start of the first turn, and at the end of every 10 turns just in case, you get a Storm Hound card. If you defeat the boss with non-DoT damage, it respawns, so that's what the Storm Hound is for. The boss could have like 20k health or something, idk, something standard might work.

      3: Artemis's deer. This one could be a puzzle, because Heracles was supposed to not hurt the deer while capturing it. The puzzle could have you setting up obstacles ahead of the deer and then forcing it to go in certain directions to capture it. One thing I wanna see with some of these puzzles is that they reward you for doing them instead of punishing you from failing them. So instead of having to fight Artemis if you fail the puzzle, you get some rewards if you do it correctly. And another thing, have the puzzle be randomly generated so that the answer isn't always the same exact thing.

      The Eurythmics Boar, for the sake of boring puns. Maybe something that isn't copyrighted though. This one was also captured, but I think that this one should be a battle or else there would be three puzzles in a row, and that would be silly. At the start of the battle, it places 6 Charms on itself. Charms that it won't end up using for spells. On the first turn, and at the end of every two turns afterwards, you're given a Disarm card. Teams of two or fewer get two Disarms instead. The goal is to Disarm all of those Charms off of it (if you use Enfeeble you're a stinky cheater and all 6 Charms are put back on). The boss is immune to any sort of damage until all of those Charms are removed from it.

      Cleaning the stables. Which is just gross. This one absolutely has to be a puzzle. You find ways to direct the rivers into the stable, maybe even make sure you don't direct too much water into it and outright wash the stable itself away.

      The Stymphalian birds. I don't know what to do with this one, to be honest. I don't want to give them damage immunity because you just had the Boar earlier, and because of the Bull in the next one. So this for now could be a boring disappointing mob fight.

      7: The Cretan Bull. If you defeat this boss then Fire Wizards will never be able to cast Raging Bull ever again.

      Since this bull in mythology is particularly destructive, and it had to be captured, this could be a puzzle-fight. Unlike most enemies, this boss would target whoever has the most Charms and Wards surrounding them. Every time the bull casts a spell that targets a wizard, they would lose a Charm or Ward randomly. Immune to damage, the way to win this fight is to survive for 8 rounds per wizard as the bull tires itself out. I really want to see more battles with different win conditions than to just reduce enemy health to 0.

      8: Diomedes and his... man-eating horses...

      It could be a regular mob fight against the four horses, but after that, you gotta fight Diomedes. And when he's defeated, there's a neat animation of the horses attacking (not eating, that would be horrifying, horses are already scary enough) Diomedes or something. In a more thought-out version, maybe each horse has different cheats when used against Diomedes, and you can control which ones act by the order you defeat them in.

      9: Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons.

      This one can be a social puzzle! You gotta convince Hippolyta to give you her special magic belt by choosing the correct dialogue options, all while Hera (who hasn't made an appearance in Wizard101 yet!) is trying to turn her against you. Unlike the previous puzzles, if you fail this one you gotta fight the Amazons. Idk how that fight would go, to be honest.

      This is the one where Heracles kills Orthrus, so no, there is no tenth labor. Illegal. Go away. Onto number 11.

      No but really, I don't know what to do with this labor. The battles are over in an instant, most of the story is in Heracles being mad at the sun for being too hot and some dude stealing some of the cattle from Heracles before he can bring them back. And we just had a puzzle, too.

      11: The golden apples of Hesperides. I'm tempted to just make this one have you teleport to the Garden of Hesperides, grab some apples, then go back into the dungeon. BUT, that does mess with Team Up credit, and also there aren't any apples on the trees in that area for whatever reason.

      So maybe for this one you go up to Atlas and convince him to go get the apples for you while you hold up the world in his stead. He does that, gives them to you, and then decides that you gotta hold up the world forever. You trick him into holding the world again, and then he gets mad. The gimmick for this fight is that if you do over 5,000 damage to him in one attack, he drops the world. And that is bad. Really really bad. It's an insta-loss for your entire team, among other consequences that don't matter to you. So you gotta carefully chip away at his health until he's defeated. He also has like infinite Critical Block, just so that you don't accidentally crit an attack and deal more than 5,000 damage.

      12: This one is to capture Cerberus, but we already fight Cerberus in Tartarus. So maybe instead you capture someone else, and whoever that is would determine the gimmick of the battle. I'm kinda in a hurry now so idk what else to put here.

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      Re: Aquila Expansion!! What would you like to see?

      We've fought bosses in the sky, in the sea, and in the caves. If they were to do an expansion, that 2-headed dragon/hydra should take us somewhere "out of this world". Maybe to a central plane where all of the constellations and planets unite? I'd very much like to fight Lepus - The Gummy Bunny King, Leo - Zafaria's Sky Emperor, or Pluto - Leader of the Dogs. I know that a lot of the constellations aren't based on Greek Mythology, but regardless any other mythological creatures would be interesting to encounter.

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