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Well, half a year ago I had been farming Gladiator for Amber to craft Ratspin tc, and so the accuracy enchantments (keen eyes, etc.) helped me to not fizzle since I didn't have max gear. But mainly I was trying to create "free" accessible tc in order to pull from the sideboard so that I could have a cleaner deck and pull pigsie from sideboard when I needed it immediately.

Frankly, tc pre-enchanted damage spells are incredibly powerful since it streamlines one's main deck, and serves as an emergency pull if the enemy survives with something like weakness or tower shield. It's actually quite a good mechanic in wiz, but I guess it was too good. A pre-enchanted card is basically 2 cards, but occupying the space of one.
You understand me! Unfortunately, so did KI - it was too good to last - "heavy sigh"!