Yesterday I was walking through the busy streets of the Commons, in a rush to get to my weekly PvP training. It wasn't full-on raining, but definitely drizzling to some degree. I'm so clumsy. I accidentally dropped my newly-stitched wand of Borealis ice crystals (which was just shipped in from Polaris last week) while I was passing through a large group of teenage wizards. They laughed at me, and as I bent over to reach for the wand of crystals (which were now slightly scratched from the concrete), I was briefly frightened to see an arm with green sleeves shoot out of nowhere and snatch the crystals from the ground before I could get to them. To my surprise and thankfulness, it wasn't a thief. It was just a kind wizard of the Life School picking up my wand for me! How nice, I thought, that someone would go out of their way just to pick up my wand that I had foolishly dropped. I thanked him, and he left.

Today, as soon as I got back from my morning trip to Krokotopia, I enjoyed a picnic on the yard of the Commons since it was so sunny outside. You would never guess who I saw while I was eating my sandwich and pixie sticks. The same life wizard that had helped me pick up my wand from yesterday! He wasn't by any means nearby. He was across the lake, on the side next to the bridge and the rainbow waterfall on his way to Unicorn Way. I immediately jumped up and ran to him. I barely got to him in time before he went through the tunnel to Unicorn Way. I offered him a sandwich, and he followed me back to my picnic on the lawn. I asked him where he was going for the day and what his plans were, and he just told me that he had planned to meet with Lady Oriel to discuss a new spell that he was learning (he didn't mention which spell). As I started talking with him more, I began to realize that he never really smiled or had any enthusiasm in his voice when he spoke to me. This was pretty bizarre to witness, as I've only encountered life wizards that are incredibly bubbly and excited all the time. A lot of my friends who are also death wizards have told me multiple times that we don't get along with life wizards, because they're "too energetic." This was simply not the case! I had been lied to. And I had let this stereotype (which might not even be considered a "stereotype" since it's completely false) get to me and potentially cause me to prevent relationships with life wizards that could have been something.

These encounters made me realize, which may be obvious to most people but took me a long time to understand, that your school does not define your personality. You can be an ill-tempered balance wizard or an extremely depressed fire wizard -- there is nuance to everything in the Spiral. The personality tests that you take to figure out which school you "belong" to doesn't mean anything. As a matter of fact, I'm curious to see if those personality tests reliably represent even the majority of the school. A fire wizard can be best friends with an ice wizard and a balance wizard can absolutely hate a myth wizard. There are no rules to friendships and relationships in general.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if anyone ever does. (: