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      [Journal Entry] A Morning in Krokotopia

      Today I had the most wonderful morning in Krokotopia.

      I had planned on traveling today, but since I had trouble staying asleep throughout the night and early morning, I decided to leave a few hours earlier than initially scheduled. I had slept in my old dorm in Wizard City because I enjoy talking to Malorn, my old mentor, but he wasn't there in his usual spot when I went looking for him. After all, it was still pitch-black dark outside. He probably was still sleeping. I think it was about 4:00 AM, but I'm not exactly sure because I had left my watch in my dorm. I continued without my watch because I'm beginning to learn that we are able to better enjoy ourselves and our surroundings when we aren't burdened by time.

      I made my way to Bartleby's portal and transported myself to Krokotopia. You know that cold and icy feeling when you're traveling to different worlds that gives you the goosebumps? I still to this day find it so satisfying when the cool air turns to hot humidity once you get to Krokotopia and bask in its heat-filled climate. I'm also still puzzled by how hot it can be in Krokotopia when the suns aren't out yet!

      Speaking of Krokotopia's suns, even though the time zone is a couple of hours ahead in Krokotopia compared to Wizard City, it still was dark outside. This excited me because I knew that I had just come early enough to witness the suns rise! Oh, what a beautiful thing. To my surprise, barely any other wizards were around. Only two or three, probably helping the salamanders with some sort of quests. I felt like a voyeur watching them run in and out of the Pyramid of Fire then back to the salamanders outside. Really weird seeing krokotopia in such a state of stillness! Normally it's flooded with wizards and migrants. I found a nice spot in the sand next to a palm tree at the Oasis mainland grounds, at the center of the archipelago islands. I began to notice the scent of the air. It smelt of coconuts and palm. Basically it smelled like a really nice candle. Then, the dark black sky started to transform into magical colors. The red, orange, and yellow hues that flooded the sky made me want to cry tears of joy! The vibrant suns revolving around the world made their way to sight. I couldn't stare at them directly for too long because my eyes started to hurt. Didn't want to go blind (although it probably would have been worth it)! It happened so fast. Too fast! I wish I could go back to that moment and stay there forever. I felt an overwhelming sensation of peace and belonging. Man, I really missed Krokotopia! I missed the way it made me feel. It was so nice to be back.

      After the suns were out, it started to get crowded. I said hello to some, but my social anxiety began to kick in so I decided to head into the Pyramid of Fire to look around and explore. I wonder how they keep it so much cooler in there! It has to be air-conditioned, right? But there never appears to be any sort of air-conditioning system? I wonder how they do it! Anyway, I made my way around the halls, and somehow I ended up at an indoor pool! I didn't even know they had pools in the Pyramid of Fire. A pretty nice surprise, actually. I didn't have swimwear, so I just swam in my tunic and shorts. It was really nice.

      It finally was starting to feel like summer. The nice, scorching hot weather, and warm smiles on everyone's faces... And even though Krokotopia is technically summer all year due to its constant hot climate, I hadn't even thought of visiting since I've been so consumed by my job in Marleybone for the last six months. Marleybone has been snowing, raining, and just been overall freezing lately. I can't emphasize this enough -- it made me more happy than ever to be in Krokotopia, where it was actually warm!

      While I was swimming at the indoor pool in the Pyramid of Fire, I started to daydream. I thought about all of the good times I had spent around this place when I was younger. I thought about learning the Sacrifice spell here, and also banshee. I remembered meeting my old friends here, and then I became sad because I realized that I hadn't spoken to those old friends in years. I wondered what happened to them.

      I got out of the pool, feeling pretty down knowing that I had become out of touch with so many of my old friends that I had met at the Pyramid of Fire. I quickly packed my things and abruptly left.

      I'm back in my dorm now. And as I'm writing this, I am wishing that I had stayed in Krokotopia longer. I had only been there for less than three hours before leaving! Ugh. My anxiety gets to me sometimes. The fact that I had to leave the Oasis after the sunrise just because of my fear of talking to new people (and fear of judgement), and then having to leave Krokotopia altogether after reminiscing about my old friends that I had become out of touch with. Hmm, this is something I need to work on overcoming, before it becomes too dysfunctional. Maybe it's because I'm a Death Wizard, and I spend too much time worrying about my emotions and being depressed. Not sure... it's something I need to talk to my therapist about for sure.

      Anyway, I really appreciate whoever took the time to read this. Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Krokotopia this morning, and I recommend everyone to visit again to bring back some old memories and nostalgia. It's almost summer, and what better place to spend during summer than Krokotopia? I am definitely, one-hundred percent coming back to Krokotopia in June. I plan to stay for weeks!

      I hope all of you have a great day. I'm back at my dorm in Wizard City now and I plan to focus on my mental health for the rest of the day. I'll read, try to make some veggie pasta, then finish some work.

      See you around the spiral!
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