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I haven't chimed in here yet, but I'll let you know that we'll at least honor your request of a review. I can't guarantee movement, this is a long set-in-stone established policy that has good grounding, but, maybe the "10" at least can be improved if possible.
Thank you @Sparck. To say your effort and response is appreciated would be a vast understatement.

Folks,THIS is why we need to have rational, reasonable and productive discussions here, and in all other threads. We have never gotten this far in this matter before and while, as @Sparck says, there are no guarantees, at least the concerns have been recognized instead of simply ignored as in the past.

Please, help @Sparck and the others help us by keeping this discussion active and productive with viable suggestions for solutions. I would also like to urge everyone to learn from this thread so that others can also be productive.

It is not enough to want KI to enter a new era, each of us needs to enter a new era in the way we communicate and this thread is a great example of how to start that era.

A special thank you again to @Willowdreamer for creating a chance for it to happen. A rare opportunity has turned into a great lesson for us all.