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      May is Mental Health Awareness Month - 1 in 5

      "May is Mental Health Awareness Month. 1 in 5. The number of people who will be affected by mental illness in any given year. This person is sitting next to you. This person is living in your house. This person is a part of your family. This is you. Even if this disease is not yours to fight, you are impacted by knowing and loving someone who is.

      A semicolon. A pause. An indication of connection between sentences. Often causing confusion yet important to empathize relationships. A pause to let the reader know there is more to the story.

      The semicolon can be described as stronger than a comma but weaker than a period. An apt description. However the semicolon is more than just this. It continues the sentence where a period could be placed.

      And I am stronger than depression and anxiety. I am more than what it tells me I am. It will not be my ending period. My disease makes me pause in my day. It makes me stop and care for myself. But it doesn't end me. I have more to my story. And so do you. Share it. Talk about it. Reveal it. Display it.

      There is no shame. Don't let it become your end. Let it be a part of your story. One that you overcome everyday.

      Support your 1 in 5. Show them that you see them. You hear them. You love them. Show them that their disease does not make them less of a person.

      My name is Katie. I am 1 in 5." ~Unknown
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      Cool Re: May is Mental Health Awareness Month - 1 in 5

      Hi and hugs!

      Thank you for this thread. Many, if not most, hide from mental issues in shame. There is nothing to be shamed about, in fact you should be proud.

      Why proud?

      Because YOU have the strength to face and admit your issues rather than hide and ignore them.
      YOU take the steps to find ways to control and deal with them, instead of sticking your head in the ground.
      YOU set an example to others to help them face their own issues.
      YOU are the one who takes control of your life instead of life taking control of you.

      I am manic bi-polar, have hyper anxiety disorder, extreme depression issues with OCD . To top it all off, I have fybromialgia, arthritis and type 2 diabetes. Most of all, I am proud to honestly confront my issues with self honesty, and in doing so have helped others face theirs.

      People, stop hiding and get help. There is so much to enjoy in life, don't miss out on even 1 second. While others may inspire, only YOU can take that first step; just remember you are not alone.

      If I may close with a quote from The Rocky Horror Picture Show...

      "Stay safe and sane inside insanity!"

      The question is, are YOU ready to be proud? If you are, then tell the world and take that first step...I know you can because I did it myself and still do it every day.

      Special hugs!

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      Re: May is Mental Health Awareness Month - 1 in 5

      Thank you for this awesome thread. I am 1 of the 5. Mental illness is not often well understood in this country, and hiding in shame is no way to live.
      So I will take courage from Pegasusís honest and brave statements. I too, am bi-polar, have generalized anxiety disorder and depression. I also have back issues as some of you already know.
      So I will choose to stand in the light. To hide in the darkness is scary, because you think that youíre all alone. But you arenít.

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      Re: May is Mental Health Awareness Month - 1 in 5

      I know that forum groups are something of an abandoned item, but I want to take the time to recognize the Emotional Support Group. Especially with the craziness of the last year, having a space to share burdens and work through feelings can really help.
      Come back alive. It'd be an awfully empty galaxy without you. - Garrus Vakarian // I also write my own stuff ~

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      Red face Re: May is Mental Health Awareness Month - 1 in 5

      I'm in college right now, and seeking help from Disability Support Services has been a lifesaver. I managed to get the accommodations that I need, and it's all because I got an official diagnosis. Please, if you feel like you may have anxiety, ADHD, depression, or something else, seek help and get diagnosed- most help is locked behind a note from a mental health provider confirming that you are diagnosed with something!

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