Title says it all. I have only been able to do a limited test, but there are now at least three GL 35 variants and at least two BL 30 variants. I tested five items with GL cards and three with BL cards in arriving at this conclusion.

I suspect that all of the gear that had GL 40 cards now are divided between two of the GL 35 variants. I haven't yet been able to figure out how many of the pets that had GL 30 cards originally were updated to GL 35 cards; but I know of at least one and it's a separate variant.

The Brilliant Light Jade jewel and Leaf Foot pet originally were shown as having BL 40 cards. They are now BL 30 cards and they are different variants. I haven't yet been able to figure out what happened with the gear that had BL 50 cards or the original BL 30 cards. One thing that makes testing difficult is the may-cast Rebirth on Root of Spring triggers really often.

I'm not sure what the path forward on this is. I know I don't feel comfortable starting to do edits with the amount of information that I currently have in hand.