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I play The Simpsons tapped out which is EA. they actually have donut ( crowns for W101)generating characters and buildings in that game. so there are no crown generating items you can buy in the game. it could easily be put in as they would simply replace gold for crowns. but anyway EA is better than KI although no one is sleazier than Zynga. KI has standards.
No, No, No. EA has done some really scummy things and KI is a baby EA in comparison. What you have completely missed is they tried to monetize shortcuts for a bunch of different games. They do it with their sports games in the worst ways possible with card packs like KI with theirs. However, which sells more? W101 and P101 combined or the NFL franchise? The Madden games after 2016, is a $60 game with predatory microtransactions. I can give you tons of examples of all the scummy things EA has done over and over again over a great number of games over a lot of years. The Simpsons are a popular IP for sure but I guarantee the NFL alone, has more devoted players than The Simpsons fanbase and NFL gamers willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for NFL players that doesn't transfer when the next installation of the game releases the following year (e.g., Madden). At the very least, the pack equipment in KI can be used for another wizard when they hit the level required to use it.