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      Re: Rate The Spring Update!

      What I really liked:

      • Faster spell animations. There were many times when I would be farming for something and I would be worried that my Humongofrog spell was just too slow. Instead of hitting, I should just pass so someone else could use Meteor Strike or Tempest. Now Humongofrog has a much more reasonable animation length compared to other AoEs. Speeding up Orthrus and Mystic were also great.
      • New Myth Beastform. Myth team best team. Haven't even tried it out, but it's Myth so I love it.
      • Exact Crit chance, boost, and seeing the Shadow Gauge. This is valuable information and I am glad to have it.

      What I liked:

      • The Lemuria teaser. It wasn't much but I tend to like the dialogue in this game.
      • New rewards for Beastmoon. This one deserves an asterisk because I think Spellements are too grindy in this particular implementation, but I like that there are more rewards for it.
      • Some of the spell changes. Maycast Unicorn and Legion Shield are great, and I like that Grendel's Amends is slightly less garbage.
      • The "New Hunt Events" thing. It's poorly worded, it makes it sound like there's a brand new Beastmoon event or even a new set of enemies for Monster Mayhem right above, but it's now. Instead it tells us what pets and Gold Idols we'll be seeing within the next few months. I like knowing these things in advance.
      • The new Cool Ranch gauntlet. I love the way that you can just farm for everything in the pack with the Gauntlet. I hated Cool Ranch in Pirate but fortunately the gauntlet doesn't have any of those elements I disliked in it.

      What I don't care about:
      • New Beastmoon and Deckathalon stitches. I'm not spending Lunari on cosmetic items unless I somehow get every Beastform up to Tier 5. And with the constant new additions to the game there's no chance that'll happen. I don't know what the Deckathalon stitch needs so I don't know if I'll care about that or not.
      • The new spells. I really want to like these. They're neat and I'm glad to see new spells in the game. But PVE cares only about big numbers so these spells are doomed to barely ever be useful there.
      • PVP matchmaking. I don't do PVP. Well, I do Beastmoon Hunt, but not the regular PVP. This affects me in no way.

      What I don't like:
      • The King Borr fight. This isn't about the drop rate; I knew that the drop rate would be terrible. I have accepted this. I'm talking about the fight itself. Change his name to King Borring, because his only mechanic is the Intercept making his health 4x higher than what is displayed. That's it. This is such a lazily designed boss battle.
      • The concept art book. I bought it, and it was nice, but it should have been purchaseable with Gold.
      • Friendly Players. It's just horrendously bugged. It's also not a good idea to limit who joins mob battles. If you really had issues with people joining your mob battles right before you killed, go to a quiet realm you ENORMOUS INFANT. YOU ABSOLUTE CHILD. It can and will be used for evil.

      What I am unsure about:

      • The stat limit. It does seem very poorly implemented, but I also like to see a nerf on players having purely offensive builds. I want to see more strategic play in PVE.
      • The upgrade to 64-bit. I haven't seen any real improvements made to the game, and the screen is just slightly smaller which annoys me a bit. But it's supposed to be an improvement.
      • Stay-Puffed Marshfellow, the new key boss of Karamelle. Tried it a few times with a friend, lost since there were only two of us. It seems like an actually neat combat idea though.
      • Part of the Spell Audit. For the most part this only affects me in Deckathalon, but that has yet to happen. I need some first-hand experience to tell if Virulent Plague being made cheaper is worth it no longer being an effective counter for turn 1 Mana Burn, for example.

      So how many stars would that amount to? -93, right?
      Last edited by Torpzun26; 4-28-21 at 12:15:08 PM.

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      Thumbs down Re: Rate The Spring Update!

      In light of the new Critical and Block changes that were never given a chance in Test Realm, I wonder if anyone would change their rating. For me personally, I would reduce my review to 1 Star, since these changes unfairly equalize everything, make it impossible to achieve a 100% Critical chance and 2x Damage against certain mobs, and because the Devs never opened up these changes to Player feedback in Test Realm.
      Plus, these crit/block changes have made questing from Celestia onwards much more difficult, and these changes have been laden with bugs!

      "Yet like a bad case of athlete's foot you just kept coming back." -Cosmos
      . . . with Persistence, Victory is assured.

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