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It's not block- it just appears to be. Max critical is capped at 95%. In cases where you use an AoE- chance to critical said AoE is calculated individually for each mob. However, the "critical" animation will play if you successfully critical against any of the mobs.

So when you see a mob that doesn't take critical damage- it is not the case that they didn't block, rather you did not critical on that particular mob. We are working on ways for the UI to better display this to players.

However, if you are noticing critical being blocked with any single target hit against a mob with no block- that would be a bug- please let us know if this is happening to you.
Ok thanks for clearing that up Eric. I'm fine with that, it actually makes 95% a chance instead of a guarantee.

Maybe a UI improvement could include showing which mobs the critical failed on when using an aoe? How about using the same "critical blocked" animation with the text "critical failed" instead? I'd rather have an indication of something rather than guessing.