I guess I should clarrify first the title. Over the years ofthe games theres been a number of houses. some more 'spacious' then others. Some giveing a perk (ex. the gardening perk). With that being said is there a Theme or a kind of apperance for a house anyone would like to see.

For me theres a Couple Appearances/Themes Id like to see;

1 A house that nautrally has a Teleport to the Dragonspyre and Grizzelheim Crafting stations and with space to put the other drafting stations in the house. This house could even give a Crafting perk like quicker crafting or chance to double what your crafting. Plus allow the buff to last for bout 2-5 minutes after you leave incase you need to use the Dragonspyre, Grizzelheim or Aranum crafting stations. Could make this house Craftable.

2 There are 2 spots in Dragonsoyre i feel would make a good House. Dragonspyre Acadamy (a version thats doesnt look destroyed). this look would be perfect to use for Multiple reasons 1 being a Teleport hub for those who have to use Multiple hoes to showcase there pets due to how many they have could even use it as a House that comes with Boss fights where the bosses are School Theme Loremasters. the other part is the Vaults where we go back in the past to do stuff and come back to present where the present could be the outside and the past inside or vice/versa this would be the most optimal layout for a Teleport hub theme.