I saw this thread posted on the Wizard101 Message Boards: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/test...1cb3342?page=1

EXP613 posted this:

Apr 05, 6:52 PM

Team Up Volunteer Issues

Hello Testing the Team Up Volunteer Option.

"It looks if you team up and no one joins your team up, but you've said you'd be a volunteer it prompts you to join yourself. I hit okay and it just dumped me back into team up. (Must not be a lot of people online testing right now)

I will say the Team Up Volunteer Flag (little logo by name) looks rather spiffy! I didn't care as much for the Friendly Flag design (just a smilely face,) but I like the principle. Will have to do further investigations."

And @Sparck replied:

Re: Team Up Volunteer Issues

"Thanks exp613 for the Team Up Volunteer report! It might be a low pop issue. Please let us know if it doesn't let you in again over the next couple of days. We have planned at least one gathering event to help test this too."