A few weeks ago I posted about doing some of the more grindy badges - Karamelle mobs, Titan, and 100 Medulla. Well, done! Unfortunately that leaves just one more major badge left (and no, it's not 1000 Medulla because that's ridiculous!) and that's the 100 Fight Club badge.

First, what a pain this fight is. Some time back they nerfed Titan and Medulla, but maybe because this one is a side quest this one feels as challenging as ever. Worst thing about this fight is that you spend almost as much time talking about what to do and setting your deck as you do the actual fight. Yeck.

So, anyone up to making a team?

I don't expect to do this over a weekend, or even over a few weeks - I'd love to meet up regularly and maybe do one or two fights at a time. Oh, and I'm Pacific and the later the better for me.

Of course, if you want to help but can't commit to meeting up, I'd be just as happy with a a strategy as I've done this 12 times now and no two fights have gone the same way.

Oh, my wiz is Fire but she can be support for another hitter, or she can hit, or she can be the healer, or whatever.