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      Re: Splitting up Loremaster

      Quote Originally Posted by richardDkht View Post
      I just wanted to point out that some spells are obtainable elsewhere, either with other bosses or by crafting.

      I myself completed the loremaster collection with no particular effort during last xmast event, and had crafted as many as possible from avalon.

      Pigsie now is particularly easy, you get the TC from beastmoon life blossoms, or from accursed gauntlet if one of your friends has it.
      I find the whole thing disturbing, but I don't know where to find rat spin or pigsie in game. Please advise where to find them for crafting.


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      Re: Splitting up Loremaster

      Quote Originally Posted by Oxnhorse View Post
      I find the whole thing disturbing, but I don't know where to find rat spin or pigsie in game. Please advise where to find them for crafting.


      Pigsie is in avalon, with Grady, at Dun Scaith, you don't even need to fight the boss if you walk really close to the walls.

      Ratatoskr spin wasn't available until a while ago, but i see on the wiki that it has been added to Grady as well. I can't confirm beastmoon drops for the TC, tho, never observed one myself (it may be a recent addition).

      you can see all the craftable spells he sells here:


      most of the required TC drop from beastmoon seeds (the school ones, not the generic ones)
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      Re: Splitting up Loremaster

      Quote Originally Posted by aspireme24 View Post
      Why not make School Themed Loremasters dungeons where each Loremaster is a different school (including the astral and shadow schools). Could use the Dragonspyre Acadamy as the location for them. Could even it have it as a House that comes with Dungeons? That way school spells and pets can drop from the appropriate School Loremaster?
      I wanted to add that IF they took Dragonspyre Acadamey turned it into a School Themed Loremaster dungeon (even if it was setup like a house that comes with the Dungoens(as in where the different schools would be in the acadamy with the addition of the schools since then) They could also have intereactive School trees outside each one similar to the ones in Ravenwood that give crafting recipes for that school. Plus the various "School Themed" loremasters could drop the school specific reagents, along with School Themed housing items. Maybe even add the Discontinued Gift Card pets (like the ones from the Blockbuster Gift Cards that are no longer obtainable due to it going out of buisness several years ago.) Or even items from the Crown events that get removed.

      It feels to me that these "combo Packs" they have been doing have as bad if not worse RNG then the orignal packs and causes more people not to want to go for what ever there going for and if they had a boss that they could drop from would give people a way to get what they want, make gold and other things to pass the time between updates.
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