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Regarding gear most of the gear that's considered top tier these days comes from The Graveyard dungeon in Castle Darkmoor.
Most of the meta gear consists of a blend of Karamelle, Darkmoor, and Catacombs items. The best wand, pet, and mount are all from the Primeval Hoard Pack. It's a different story for support setups though, with Jade gear and the Spooky Robe being notoriously PTW. And let us not forget the incredibly pay to win Spellements and Lore spells, some of which do see use outside of the Arena! Even though Steal Pip won't see the light of day outside the Arena, such blatantly PTW content shouldn't be permissible.
No matter how large the percentage of top tier gear consisting of Crowns only junk is, it will still be PTW- and that is something none of us should accept.