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      Re: What's Your LEAST Favorite World?

      Celestia is my least favorite. Avalon and Azteca seem to be a bit too long. Khrysalis and Empyrea are definitely too long. Any world that takes 2 updates to complete is just way too much.

      Fallon WinterLeaf

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      Re: What's Your LEAST Favorite World?

      I see Marleybone and Mooshu are mentioned a lot in this thread. Marleybone for me personally has never felt that bad! You're basically on a wild goose chase the whole time, but I think it's short enough that it doesn't bother me. The dungeons are a bit long though.

      Now when it comes to Mooshu, back during the days when the level cap was 50 (I'm old) Mooshu was always visually my favorite world. Now, I feel like the entirety of the first arc is a trip down memory lane for me, so I can't bring myself to dislike any of those worlds. However, I can say the many towers and weakness spamming aspect of Dragonspyre is a bit of a pain.

      As I said in my first post, I totally dread the Azteca - Khrysalis stretch of quests. When it comes to honorable mentions, I'd have to say Wysteria makes the list. While it IS satisfying to shut down the enemy school, I personally don't think I have anything to prove. :P How many times have I saved the spiral, and they really think they're gonna be the ones getting the cup??

      Quote Originally Posted by Dylan Windwalker View Post
      Also somewhat dislike Polaris mostly because I feel like the world was too short. Its somewhat like a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, I love the concept of the world and thoroughly enjoy revolutions from oppression but I feel like there's a lot more I wanna do in that Russian-Soviet-ish setting. Love and hate that world........
      Interesting take. Polaris has always felt like a breath of fresh air for me after the nightmare that I find Azteca and Khrysalis to be. It's definitely short, but like I said, it's almost welcome. Also I absolutely love the theme, I think it's hilarious. Plus I feel like you become a lot more powerful by this point so you're finally thinking, wow my wizard finally made it, let me fly through the rest of these worlds. At least until Empyrea, that one is kind of a pain too. Like a lot of people have said, I'm not really into the theme. The writing was good though, in my opinion.

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      Re: What's Your LEAST Favorite World?

      If I were to pick one, I agree with Empyrea being the worst.

      The themes of Batman and Star Trek was cool. I didn't mind the storylines of this world, my wizard moving forward was acting like molasses most of the time and I really struggled JUST MOVING through this one.

      What also became an issue that I was regretting the most, was half the time through Sepidious I was unable to see my cards, including the Medulla fight. I had sent word to Sparck and even he was unable to help me come up with a solution.

      By weird luck, Cody Soul Sword my Storm, decided to click on a person's name and then click on the body of that wizard. Within the next 2 rounds, he was able to finally see his cards.

      My Balance, Death and Fire followed suit in the same way, and it also helped them to get past the Headquarters as well.


      P.S., Karamelle is coming in as a close second at the moment, simply because I feel like the quests are pushing me, and I don't have enough crowns to open up Sweetzburg and Gumdrop Forest.

      Love the spellments idea, but I dislike that I am unable to have the options of side quests, since all my wizards did the first zone in roughly 15 minutes.

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      Re: What's Your LEAST Favorite World?

      I have always hated Celestia- the scenery, (some of its) music, the storyline, etc.

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