Hello fellow pet mixers, I am stuck on a specific set of projects for some stunning pets. Okay all puns aside, I am trying to make these two pets:

1. spell-proof, spell-defying, myth-dealer, pain-giver, maycast stun(or freeze doesn't matter)
2. spell-proof, spell-defying, maycast stun, maycast freeze, then really any maycast like fairy, fortify, convict, infall, blah doesnt matter as long as its somewhat useful.

I've started on these projects, and have successfully gotten the stuns to show with (most) of the other desired talents; however I'm struggling to push out some things that came with stunning pets such as accuracy and spritely. I know these two pets are wild and (for the most part) hard to find, so if anyone wants to assist or set up trade hatches slide me a message. <3