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      Joined the ranks of the 'undevoured' lol

      So Friday night my husband and I managed to 2-man The Devourer

      We did about 3 test attempts to tweak strategy, our full run took approx 2 hours, but probably would've been a lot faster had he not died repeatedly to the point where I burned through all my mana healing and was forced to flee and get more bringing back a minion in the process.

      Dealing with that added about a half hour. I believe that could be better handled to cut down time, just didn't have the resources to fix it since we had already started and didn't want to start over and lose progress.

      Some points of interest and discussion:

      - We were not able to set up any type of trap/blade buff situation beyond me giving him a blade the same round he hit. The attempts we made before he would steal blades almost immediately, sometimes one managed to stay for 2 rounds but really no longer than that.

      - We managed to get a myriad of traps on him only for him to, at a point we're not sure of, proceed to take each one one at a time and turn them into blades which he placed on himself.

      We tried 2 different permutations of this but as of now have not pin pointed when/under what circumstances he does this so if anyone knows that would be great.

      - every time we ran test runs he only 'devoured' anyone twice, and if you fled and returned to battle, anyone experience any different?

      - I could be totally wrong here but it seemed like there were points along the way when he became weakened somewhat (below a certain health maybe?) but to me it seemed he was less likely to get shadow pips and to block criticals the lower his health got.

      - also noticed that the pets don't seem to heal at all, after several tests we abandoned healing pets for better options. Also I was originally going to use the crafted wand root of spring for the rebirth heal and discarded that after several attempts to produce the spell failed. Are maycast's forbidden here? Intentional or a bug? Along the same lines also noticed that when I used a shadow spell the backlash never hit just kinda hung around my head indefinitely. @Sparck @Vanessa Mythdust

      Thanks for any additional info I know all this may be out there somewhere, so I apologize if I've repeated known material

      Anyway got some screenshots in the final moments.

      @AluraMist @RedValkyre99 there's some drops in the final shot in case you need them wand, crystals, music scoll, some seeds

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      Re: Joined the ranks of the 'undevoured' lol

      Congratulations on a duo! This battle is so hard, even with four. I would never want to duo it, lol.

      As someone who has done the Devourer about 100 times (I was farming with my friend, by the time he finally got his ring, I had 3...), I think there's a few things I can confirm for you!

      -He removes blades at the beginning of every 3 rounds. If you place a protect blade the round before he steals, none of your blades would be stolen. Or, you could put a throwaway blade on (a duplicate, or a fire blade if you're myth for example). I've noticed sometimes, this order gets out of whack (maybe when nobody has any blades is my only guess?) but for the most part, you're safe with beginning of every 3rd round.

      -Yes, he only eats + spawns minions twice, and eats + 1 minion if you flee and return. There are bugs to go around this (maybe it was fixed, it's been awhile since I did the run), but I can't remember how, heh.

      -Not sure about being less likely to get shadow pips and block if he's lower hp.

      -I never tried healing pets, but my first few runs, I used the Root of Spring. 5+ attemps in one battle, no maycasts. I tried for many other battles with him, no maycasts. So, I got rid of it and used a different wand. Like you said, I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it's definitely a thing. At first I thought I was just being suuuuper unlucky.

      Some other fun things I noticed while my many runs:
      -He only uses bugs and the myth shadow pip spell (idk the name) once each in the battle. I think same with lulu, bull, and snowballs, but he doesn't use these so often. I usually pack 2 storm dispels in my deck, which would keep us safe if he tried to bugs a few times. Can't go wrong with balance dispels though, since he loves to use those balance shadow spells.
      -I think everyone knows this, but shadow spells are super buggy, i.e. shrike, trickster, etc. I'm not sure how to manipulate for it to stay, but since I'm a death wizard, I spammed juju. Best way with this is trickster and juju. If my trickster bugged out, I wouldn't pip steal anymore. However, any time I healed, I still had the insane critical boost. It's so fun to use a sacrifice as a death wizard and do 5k healing.

      Anyway, congrats again on the duo, especially it being your first time as seeing from getting the badge. Even after doing it and knowing the battle like the back of my hand, I wouldn't want to do that, haha. Amazing accomplishment!
      Paige Deathsong Taryn Stormheart Alicia Dreamblossom Rylee Shadow Olivia Summerheart Autumn Moon

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      Re: Joined the ranks of the 'undevoured' lol

      he only steals charms if you have one weaknes or blade
      he only eats 2 times + flees as the poster above me put it
      less hp = less block/shad pip this needs testing and i dont feel like doing it
      no maycast does not work here bug? legion shield did work in some battles i was in
      shadow spells are bugged when he eats someone the round its used or he up chucks (can this bug stay?)
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