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      Re: Is Central a good representation of W101 players?

      I'll go with no. My guess is Central is on average older, longer term players. However, unfortunately, most of the best content posters have evaporated.

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      Re: Is Central a good representation of W101 players?

      Quote Originally Posted by Spellbinder View Post
      I can't answer that because of forum rules and you know it.

      Central used to represent w101 well, but now really only represents the soapbox portion of the community with the long winded posts and a less capable population who rather complain than problem solve with an expectation for KI to coddle and protect them from things the central player finds a 'danger to society'.

      There are better places for decorators to go.
      Did you see the house with the glitch made dragon that rises from the lake here? Or the launching rocketship? What about the giant robot made with castle blocks and towers?

      There are better places to go to get battle strategies for complex bosses.
      Did you see the 4 round strategies for the new bosses here? Did you see the best level 130 gear setups for each school that give options for crit heavy, damage heavy or heal strong?

      There are better places to post about things people find exciting in the game too.
      Will you see the many group pictures posted for all the upcoming Thanksgiving day events? Did you even know that there ARE Thanksgiving day events and gatherings planned??

      I do hope that it can return to its former glory one day...
      I wish you could type those other Wiz sites, it sounds like there's a lot more out there than I knew. Still regardless the Wiki is still the best all round source for all things Wizard101. I have to be honest I never understood why we can't link to other wiz sites.

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      Re: Is Central a good representation of W101 players?

      No, centeral leans more towards the more dedicated side of the playerbase. yes we have casuals but allot of the people who frequent the fourms are those either strongly attatched to the gam or those who play wiz as thier primary (or only) MMO or even thier primary game.

      The more restrictive nature of centeral also makes it harder to gauge the playerbase as sometimes it can become diffcult to speak ones mind when you have to be mindful of what you say as it can potetinally come off as agaisnt rules. Not only that, it can be harder to critize the game agaisnt other games/platforms when certiant sites/game names aren't allowed to be said, so while the rules are in place to allow everyone a palce to speak, I feel it also hinders having an open dialouge in others, which is why allot of other chat groups are formed and we never get the other players side of the story

      There's also the fact that allot of the time the more disgurntal or critical members are written off as being negative or doomsayers (not helped by the slew of " dead game wiz is dead" threads the fourm gets every year, which can sometimes get the more critical members blanketed in), which becomes a pretty dismsissive attitude. Being postitive and still lking the game even with the problems it has isn't a bad thing mind you, but there's quite an inbalance to how the more anaylictal takes are recived compred to all postivie, to the point where it almost feels a bit like nostalgia glassess.

      on top of this the fourm cant factor in people who don't even use/know about it or lurkers who don't have an account

      so Again, I'd say no, centeral is a good representation of some of the playerbase but farrr from all
      The Dynamic Duo: Ivan(s)? and Wizard

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      Re: Is Central a good representation of W101 players?

      Geez, I had no clue there was so much drama. Why can't people just be cordial to each other? I mostly use Central for guides, and for help when I don't understand something. If anyone can fill me in on other wiz sites/guides that'd be great, I like learning all I can (in DMs). I like Central though. It seems pretty quiet, but the posts that people make usually are good quality. I also like how people like to ask questions about the game, it provides me with more info! Central keeps me up to date on events in Wiz.
      Always continue seeking knowledge, even when obstacles appear. ~ A Friendly Wizard

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      Re: Is Central a good representation of W101 players?

      My opinion on modern day Central can be summed up with one word:

      Thank you to Mad Hatter, Camille and aquatiger975 for the graphics.

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      Re: Is Central a good representation of W101 players?

      Definitely not.

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      Re: Is Central a good representation of W101 players?

      Not at all.

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      ~Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll still land among the stars.~

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      Re: Is Central a good representation of W101 players?

      Central used to be extremely active, but it has slowed down in the last few years. I think it started diminishing after a couple of months of when KI had to layoff a bunch of employees (some being revered and respected), a major employee promoted therefore having limited interaction with the community, and bad anti-consumer practices. There are still community members here with very in depth knowledge of the game and resources to help the least knowledgeable and limited resource members.

      Is there a good cross section of players? yes and no. Most here have a hard dedication, loyalty, and investment in the game. This can be either welcoming, intimidating, or a turn off. I know of several people who have been disenchanted with the game and either left the game entirely or play very occasionally which would make interacting in the forum rather useless. Once you been in the forum for a while (about 6 months to a year), gaining the knowledge to play the game effectively is acquired quickly and comments about the content in the game quickly becomes repetitive.

      It would be up to you on how you view is entirely up to you. I hope you find Central welcoming and will return at least semi-regularly.
      ~~Happy Questing~~

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