Ah yes, the moon school.The black sheep, like myth for the astral schools.Each of there spells have many uses, here I will discus the uses for the seven shift spells

shift thornpaw.Ah yes, the offensive loremaster decent damage with amazing combo potential with 130 dpp and dual effects of dragonspear and percision.If we could use power pips for it I can guarantee most balances would use this over lore

shift sugar glider. only slightly less damage then thornpaw with very good debuffs. Its a very large tempo swing thanks to its still decent damage with an infect and weakness crippling both their offense and defense in one turn.

shift ogre.Mostly its weak,but for a death wizard its true utility shines.If I remember correctly it can disable all shields affecting death.So they can quickly break towers weaks and others with one card that also acts as a disarm and a small hit

shift greenoak.Ah yes, the best shift spell with the highest tempo swing of all.Remember rain beetle? Its like that but does more damage and also weakens the target

shift Grendel.The most damage of all shift spells with almost 500.The real charm of this spell is a charm.It has a mantle that could go up to 65% which is more often then not an auto fizzle.

Shift dread paladin.Like greenoak it does small damage and leaves an effect.However, instead of a blade and weak it leaves a trap that can go up to 55%.Amazing for combos and achieving that lovely one in a million badge.

Shift piscean.It does a decent amount of damage and steals a pip.Kind of like a mini mana burn.Need I say more?

So there you have it.My shift spell analysis.Each spell can help in some way just like polys.I would recommend not using your schools spell,