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While I agree with the others that the code is 352146, I have encountered problems with other people doing this.

There is a bit of a glitch with the game if the other(s) trigger the 3 wurms by getting the code wrong.

Among the worst of glitches, is that even if you successfully summon Melanj, the 3 wurms will occasionally fight with the boss.

Simple solution: Go back out (marking a port to leave and return will not solve this glitch), defeat the enemies again before Melanj, and do the code again.

I have had the unfortunate experience of triggering the 3 wurms without Melanj even with doing it right.

Just repeat, if the game glitches or fails to trigger Melanj for doing it right.

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I did this again tonight helping from the Kiosk and saw some of what you described, luckily not at the extreme end. @Sparck