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      Tips for Wizard101 players transitioning to pirate101 and Q&A

      Pirate101 has several combat aspects that can be fustrating for wizard101 players maybe after explaining the basics people might give pirate101 a fair shot.

      Creating your pirate

      Step1: Deciding your school.

      Much like wizard101 you pick your school first. How do you decide which school fit you most?

      1.Choose between Melee or ranged.
      Range Characters aren't able to hit the same round they move. But they do get to hit target further away from them. Melee however can both attack and move in the same turn however they only hit targets right beside them.

      2. Deciding your class: Swashbuckler, Musketeer, Witch doctor, Privateer, and Buccaneer.

      A.Who would make a good swashbuckler? Those that enjoy the storm class will find joy in the swash class. Swash has bleeds (damage and dot), dots ( later prevent healing), Highest damage and dodge. And they take the least damage from musketeer traps. However swash are fragile when and if ever hit.

      B. Who would make a good privateer? Those that enjoy balance and life. Privateer aids there team and companions and buffs and heals and absorbs. They are only class that can heal. However much like life and balance, while they can do great damage there team aspect give them greater presence then there actual pirate damage.

      C.Who would make a good Musketeer? Musketeers generally play defensively waiting for there enemies to approach thinking long term, this would great for those that enjoy myth and fire. Musketeer can drop bombs or lay them. If you love thinking of long term and enjoy chess musketeer is an excitement to play. However Musketeer don't get there best traps to later in game and they can be easily rushed on. But as the range class with great epics they can tear entire teams apart but keeping enemies away is key.

      D. Who ideal for the spooky witchdoctor? Those that enjoy the death school. Much like death witchdoctor gain drains, dots and several aoes and are heavy spooky users. I cover spooky later in this tip guide. Most that enjoy witchdoctor enjoy similarity to death it shares. Witchdoctors do the most group damage followed by musketeers. However they have less range then musketeers and considered bit more fragile then most other schools.

      E. Who best for buccaneer class? Those that like ice with a bit more punch. Buccaneers can take the most damage and can do debatably as good damage next to swash. Buccaneers have the least powers of any class. But the have most epics naturally. Buccaneers rely on epics chains to do there damage. This i explain later. They can also are the most durable to melee and some ranged as they get no defense via powers for witchdoctors. There the sole rush class. In other words there designed just go in swinging fast as possible before enemies have time to set up. However time isn't on there side. Buccaneer do better at the start of the fight vs weighting and get stronger once they are below half life.

      Choosing your origin:
      This is important as choosing your pirate. This is your first major cant go back decision

      Your origin affects your natural stat this in late game can be major game changer
      Keen eyes: +5 accuracy
      Naturally Spooky: + 5% Spooky
      Naturally Tough: +5% Health
      Born Sneak: +5 dodge
      Born Warrior: +5 damage

      Which should you choose? The honest answer any is ok as it not a game braking. However there better and best options:

      If your swashbuckler: born sneak is common to boost your dodge stat. However naturally spooky will give your dots and bleeds extra damage.

      If your Musketeer-: Keen eyes is popular choice. But if you want your traps and bombs to do it full damage you go naturally spooky.

      If your Privateer: I seen a mix bag but often more naturally tough. But to get the most out of absorbs, heals and group aoe bomb then naturally spooky will do you better.

      If your Witchdoctor: witch doctor is a bit more obvious keen eyes will help if you running melee witch. But naturally will increase your already high spook all the more allowing max damage possible.

      If your Buccaneer: There many things i seen buccs use. Which is best? Unlike other class buccaneers can benifit from all origin buffs but most useful would be naturally tough as it uses percent so as you level higher you tough bonus increases.

      Death of Parents:

      This decision is not game breaking. But this companion is one best free companions in the game.

      Each have there pros and cons. The best one would depend on your playing style. Some don't ever use this companion. So it not fair assessment to say one better the the others.

      Choosing your flag:

      The colors of your flag affects crew clothes i recently notice that it affects your clothes also. This is one thing that changed since beta. Now you can change your flag and it color for a few crowns.

      Understanding your pirate stats

      Name:  Picture 2015-10-22 23-36-37-666.jpg
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      1.Resist works different in pirate101. Armor is for melee, magic is for ranged. Pirate101 uses flat numbers in term base resist. If and attack does 75 and the armor resist is 50: the amount of total damage taken is 25. 75-50. Only percents matter is when considering select damage boost and damage reduction. Immunity only exist if your flat resist is greater the the damage done. If you have 50 resist and the person does 25 damage, you see the words immune or resisted.

      2. Accuracy works different in pirate101. The higher accuracy is over dodge the higher chances you have to hitting. Just because you have 100 accuracy it sure wont mean you wont miss or the enemy dodges.

      3. Dodge- dodge is the chances your pirate will avoid damage all together. You can't dodge criticals though.

      4. Main Stat: You main stat controls several things: critical both defensive and offensive and the chance of triggering a epic. The higher you main stat is over another enemy the more likely you trigger your epics, but if your main stat lower then there then they can crit on you. Ex: If you have higher agility then your enemy then you likely crit on them. If likewise they had will you like be crit on just as much.

      The following is how main stat assigned to:
      Strenth: Buccaneer
      Agility: Swash and Musketeer
      Will power: Privateer and Witchdoctor

      However it does exist that privateers can use strength though your privateer companions will only use will power.

      5. Spell power: Spooky boost. The higher your spooky the higher powers with a beaker on it
      Weapon power: This is affect base damage on spells that uses two crossed swords

      Spell power vs School main stat:
      Spooky will boost the actual power of any ability with the beaker on it. You main stat affect over all damage and the chance said ability will critical. Spooky powers get their main power from spooky itself the higher spooky the higher that damage.

      6.Script is a new ingame currency that can be redeem for pvp gear and other items in the smugglers area. It can be farmed via pvp or broadside combat.

      Companion Management:

      One thing that changed recently from beta is companion management. There is two choices when it comes to battle:
      Custom pick

      Random allow you to choose your first mate ( the companion that will show up) and 2 random off your list with higher being more likely to join. other words the higher they might show up. The lower they might not. But any member can be grabbed any min. Down side is the fact you have keep all you crew leveled so they combat ready anytime.

      Custom allow pirates to choose who they want only.

      Companions work most like your pirate does with less powers but more epics in most cases.There no real right or wrong some companion can be respec for cheap to handle various battles.

      Companions level when you level them. Some have promotions that make them stronger. You level companion using training tomes. Companions should be 3 levels lower then you pirate. At four or more levels lower then you, your companion will gain at least one level. At 3 or less it a waiste.

      Companions you rather not use for combat can be use for crew skills: Getting gold, gear, pets/ snacks and even tomes for your other companions.

      Battle system:

      As you know this is what the battle system looks like:

      Name:  Picture 2015-10-19 09-51-42-822.jpg
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      Each map has different paths in which you can take. Swash has the most natural paces compared to any other class. Knowing how far enemies are from you will help you protect and damage enemies. Example if a enemy has a range of 5 squares and your only 4 from them they can hit you. If your more then five they have to waiste a turn moving if there ranged. Another thing you have to know is when enemies use power that allow more spaces then normal.

      The key to winning any battle:
      First pay attention to objectives. If it say defeat all you must defeat all. However if it say interact with something only or defeat a particular enemy. That all you have to do to win. Do more can cause you to loose as some bosses are unbeatable.

      The next key is knowing your and your companions epic powers. Ex: if your companion has hold the line they can halt and protect fragile units by keeping enemies from advancing for a turn. Keeping fragiles in the back saves lives.

      Third key. Don't use all you best units in a single battle. In recent updates crews suffers injuries once downed, so they can't be used effectively till there healthy as you level this time increases due to amount of damage they end up taking.

      Last key. Pay attention to power attack patterns. Some are designed to go in a straight, triangle or square paths this will affect whether if there in a square not directly adjacent to yours.


      Pets have duel purpose in pirate101. Unlike in wizard101 where they are cosmetic or do things passively. A rather selfish pet in pirate101 with pet epics are uncontroled units also. Pets can do quite abit of damage while giving passives power and even being able to heal or boost pirates. Pirates pets when they show are ready throw down so having pet at level is like adding another unit to your team.


      Broadside is ship to ship combat. Ships in game are given up till cool ranch. After that you have to buy they when your reach the correct nautical level. Ships have 4 buttons you responsible to using. Cannon attack, Horn, Anchor, buffor debuff and heal. For broadside you use your horn and cannons to do damage. Your sail will buff you or debuff your enemy. Secret: If your sail buff you use that before using your horn or cannons as it will make you more accurate or help you evade attacks.

      Key to on board battles. It much better to board the other ship if possible vs staying on your ship. Enemies often gain attack power boarding you.

      I think i covered most of the basics if you have any questions i answer them as soon as i can unless another pirate beat me. This is the best place find true answers from those of us that enjoy both games! Pirate101 is not dead yet. We new member both from this community as well as the outside that joins everyday. But i be looking forward to your questions!

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      Re: Tips for Wizard101 players transitioning to pirate101 and Q&A

      Thank you for making this thread. As a player of both Pirate and Wiz myself, I really think your guide is spot on. I hope it gets more people to at least consider playing pirate101.

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      Re: Tips for Wizard101 players transitioning to pirate101 and Q&A

      Pirate101 doesn't offer anything different, the player base is very low and declining. Pretty much a waste of recourses and time.

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      Re: Tips for Wizard101 players transitioning to pirate101 and Q&A

      Quote Originally Posted by Arren View Post
      Pirate101 doesn't offer anything different, the player base is very low and declining. Pretty much a waste of recourses and time.
      I believe that the player base, while low, is not actually continuing to decline. As a matter of fact, I believe new players are finding it all the time. Granted, not as many as Wizard101 in any given week, but the lack of story content updates has definitely hindered its growth.

      While I have to agree that the in-game items have a definite familiarity to those who have played Wizard101, the actual game-play is quite different and intriguing. Playing as the Captain of a crew is much different from playing as the holder of a deck of magical cards. The familiar feel of the Spiral is what many of us appreciate about the game.

      As a companion fansite, rather than dissuade people from playing, it makes sense to explain to the curious about the free zones and suggest they give it a try to see if they like it or not. If they decide they like the game, they can make an account at Pirate101 Central to learn more.

      Watchtower Hall crafted 7/21/10 -- Guides: Crafting Stations, here -- Crafted Grizzleheim Housing Items here -- Mirkholm Keep Ore/Diamonds here -- Cave of Solitude Black Lotus here

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      Re: Tips for Wizard101 players transitioning to pirate101 and Q&A

      Quote Originally Posted by Arren View Post
      Pirate101 doesn't offer anything different, the player base is very low and declining. Pretty much a waste of recourses and time.
      Actually the player base it growing due to fustrations in wizard101. Most pirates are wizards even though we do get those that only like pirates.

      Pirates has cheating mechanics. A flexible fighting system that involves both short term and long term thinking. Pirates have better humor. Advance companions. Companion task. Pets that fight with you they have a physical presence with there own stats. Talent and powers passive and active. Much more.

      Ratbeard (pirate101 dev)recently mentioned working on a power for a major update. Likely this month producer letter will give us more information on time tables and what to expect. Yes loyal players are frustrated with the lack of major content this past 2.5 yrs but in no way is it a waste of time and resources.

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