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      My Wizard101 Story and my Journey Through it All

      Listen up ladies and gents, for I have one heck of a long post to type out. Let me start off by saying what a wondeful site Central is and what an amazing game Wizard101 become for me. A lot of you will probably take this post for granted, and even more of you will take this whole site and game for granted. But let me tell you, from a guy who started his journey 6 years ago, this game, especially if you start playing in your teen years, will honestly have an everlasting effect on your heart and memory.

      6 years ago i made an account while i was still in high school. I saw the early commercials of level 50 caps, Malistaire battles, and saving the spiral in the simplicity of just 5 total worlds to explore. For a few of you, you guys know what i mean. Yes one time pets had no abilities, dark pips were not even conceivable, and critical was an insane idea to think about. The golden age we all called the classic days. But what really gets to me isn't the fact how much this game changed, it's how much i changed with the game. I was once a very active user on the forums. Sadly my idiotic, arrogent, teen behavior stripped me of that "activeness" but man i made memories. I made amazing friends. And i made life changing improvements to my character and personality. This game was my safe haven. A confused and overdramatic teenager, lost in the wonders that were the good ol' wizardry days. It was beautiful. Staying up late nights farming for the simple things like Jade Oni pets, School themed gear just to stitch for appearance. And my favorite, sword farming all the glowing swords from Mooshu and Dragonspyre. Because those were the big boy worlds. We didn't have celestia or anything post celestial. Crazy right? But what those days truly did was bring together a community, a people comprised of PvPers AND PvEers. The gathering of what Central labeled the first and second gen. The time before the level cap hit 60, let alone 100. It was amazing. I met friends who made me a better person, as well as had direct influences on my personality. I befriended the loving PvP community, including old school legends like Nick S, Digby StrongHeart, Dapangrulez, and Carlitos. I befriended the tournament regulars who put their souls in the game, Blade, $eth, JayJayy, and Shinedown. I connected with PvEers who had hearts of gold, Nat Rose, Autumn Ice, and Jonah. And i befriended the forum regulars who became Mods, TMs, and everything in between. And if it's taught me anything... NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED THE MEMORIES YOU WILL MAKE HERE!!!!! The willingness for people who never seen, met, or knew me to open up and take me in as their friend.. that's special. The huge hearts this community has, it's outstanding. And the fact i made so many memories makes this site a blessing and a curse..

      I am cursed to realize, my teen years are gone and my adult years have been progressing. I would give up anything just to play it all from the beginning again and experience when this game and this site had it major activity booms. I wish i would have done more to be further involved. but then again i am blessed. Blessed to have my own personal 6 year yearbook. Well more like 4 since i quit in '13. Haha but still! Whenever adult life gets me stressed, whenever i go through adversity, i log back into this site and look back on the memories, the laughs, the cries, the good, and the bad. I cemented deep roots in this game, and it helps me get through hard times just to come back and reconnect with the one of my hundreds of friends that still hang around. I miss a lot of people tho. The other hundreds that no longer even check in, i hope they are all doing well. The retired Mods, TMs, and everyone that was part of the community i was in.

      And in all of this i just want to say thank you to Jester, Olivia, Kingsisle, and my hundreds of friends. Thank you for giving me a second home. and for giving MILLIONS a second home. And to all you teens, newbies, and young bloods out there amped with potential and passion, play this game in slow motion. because one day, you will grow up and grow apart from this.. but do so knowing that you are going to be a stronger human being if you treasure your youth and enjoy all it's worth. I wish i could relive high school, the 2008-2010 era, and all the friends i made. You will too, and i want you to know before it's too late.

      To some of you reading, you're probably saying,"This guy needs to calm down, it's just a game.." and mayber you are right, maybe i should calm down. But for me, and countless others this isn't just a game.

      This is our childhood, this is our memories, this is our second home, but most of all, this is our family. Our very distant, but still as caring family. And I'll be darned if i ever forget you guys.

      So remember to live for now and love your memories.

      The turtle lives on guys Have a wonderful day guys!

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      Re: My Wizard101 Story and my Journey Through it All

      Good advice for younger players and thanks for sharing your experiences with us. The one thing that I like about this game is the variety of people who play it. Young, old, those in between. All with different life experiences, coming together and making friends who don't care what you look like, if you are healthy, have special needs, whatever color or weight you are. It doesn't matter. We're all the same here. Kids or adults that can't walk can run around questing like everyone else on the game. Those who are sick with serious illnesses can play and have fun forgetting what their real life is like for a few hours. I'm a grandma who plays this game with my kids and grandkids, some of my real life friends, and their kids. I've also played solo a lot (during the night when I can't sleep).This game keeps me sane. When I'm stressed I play and forget everything but playing for a while. You can make good friends who really care about you and have a lot of fun. Enjoy the moment we only live once!
      The world is full of magic.
      You just have to believe in it.

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      Re: My Wizard101 Story and my Journey Through it All

      Had me tearing up here man..lol All in all its true.

      To our childhood!!

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