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      Wizard Bootcamp: Engage! Getting into the Battle Ring

      Wizard Bootcamp: Engage! Getting into the Battle Ring

      For most battles, folks can just wander into the battle ring whenever they feel like it. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of someone “kicking off” the battle by charging straight in while the rest of the team is frantically trying to change out cards and gear for a new set of enemies. This is bad form. But, ultimately, it doesn't truly matter with most of the weak PvE enemies we face.

      However, in some battles (yes in Darkmoor, but others too -- see below), messing up getting into the battle becomes a “flee and try again” situation (and yes, with some teams I’ve had to try a dozen times before everyone figured it out). It’s that important. In most battles, even easier ones, you can shorten them by a full turn to make things go easier if you pay attention to battle order. Here are some ideas on engaging the enemy:

      • A team that stands together: Everyone should stand (i) close together and (ii) as close to the battle ring as possible without triggering it. Often this is fairly close. In some cases though, like Jabberwok, you’ll need to be ready for the sprint of your life.
      • On my count! By that, a non-hammer wizard should give a warning first and “go!” “Rdy [enter], set [enter], go [enter]” can be seen by both text and open chat and is clear. Screaming “NOW” and wildly running in is not clear. The reason for wizards 1, 2, or 3 to count off is people will watch them to see when they run (which the hammer won't be doing right away).
      • Don’t wait around watching for other people to move first. The lag from what other players are doing vs. what you are seeing will delay you too much and the hammer (i) won’t make it in or (ii) will get in ahead of those hanging behind. If you’re the hammer, pause for a second but then go! If your teammates aren’t running in, yell at them (just kidding).

      When Battle Order Matters:

      If no other rule is followed, the hitter should be the 4th person in and thus be in the last spot.
      Why? This allows the team to cast 4 full spells on the round of the hit. This can shorten the battle by a full round which can make a huge difference.
      #1 #2 #3 #4 <- is better #1 #2 #3 #4
      Blade Blade Hit Hit Nada
      Nada Nada

      Healers first! Why?

      Typically healers should be in the fist spot. They have a couple of unique advantages from this position. Here are a few:

      • If triage will be needed, the healer can remove the damage ticker before the damage is done that round if on a teammate
      • A resurrected teammate will still cast his spell (NOT good if that’s the hammer, but awesome for support wizards)
      • A sanctuary from first can really help if a teammate is casting an emergency or backup heal. You can boost it on the same turn with no fear of a bubble change, and may get some boosts to pet heals and future heals.

      A Solo Tank Decoy

      Is there an exception to the rule about getting into the battle at the same time? Sure, but make sure it’s a strategy and not randomness. Having one person join first and alone may be a good first round option (I use this a lot for Morganthe & Cronus -- it's better on enemies who have low pierce and single target spells).

      Enemies will “lock on” to the lone tank, even after others have joined, and leave the rest of the team alone (more than otherwise). Have that person cast availing/helping hands or regenerate to keep themselves topped up health-wise for several rounds if they’ll take a lot of damage. Otherwise, they should plan to cast a trap/feint first round so the turn used fully.

      A second reason to use a solo tank decoy is it often means fewer minions. This can be especially helpful for bosses such as Gladiator or Jabberwok where there's enough going on without the extra damage, stuns, earthquakes, etc. Note that sometimes the tank has to enter the room by himself as the extra minions spawn and don't always drop out if only one person joins the battle. Or, sometimes you get minions only, and the boss disappears to await a second battle. (Thanks to RookieRecurve!)

      Other Battle Strategy Ideas

      Advanced battle order strategies are sometimes useful. Use your creativity!

      • Putting someone with shift ahead of another wizard with detonate is a time honored speed farm method for Pendragon
      • Storm dispels from 3rd position (so supercharging doesn’t take them) on Graveyard Shane.
      • Storm dispeller before single blader on first floor of Tower of Helephant.
      • Yevgeny in graveyard … first position to someone who can earthquake, then feint, feint, and hit.
      • Luska - First spot for a wizard who can vaporize and feint a couple times. Healer in second to fourth (depending on how many times your team plans to hit to defeat him) so no worries about the "ink" making you fizzle on a clutch heal (Thanks to CelticCentaur203).
      • Any battle where getting out quickly is important (i.e., hitting the round before Jabberwok casts meteor is much better than the round after!)

      The bottom line is, there's more to getting into a battle ring than just running in. It can be an important part of your battle strategy, so think through your plan for difficult battles or farming runs in particular. A proper battle order can make things go more smoothly and quickly for all battles, easy and difficult alike.

      Questions? Comments? Other Ideas? Please post!

      Other Wizard Bootcamp posts you may enjoy:

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      Re: Wizard Bootcamp: Engage! Getting into the Battle Ring

      Nice guide! I especially like to use the count in method in the Graveyard for the last 2 battles.
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      Re: Wizard Bootcamp: Engage! Getting into the Battle Ring

      Great guide, but I know of some exceptions. I would never go first, as a healer, in WW. A healer that gets inked can get the whole team defeated.
      Proud to be EpicGamer's dad.

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      Re: Wizard Bootcamp: Engage! Getting into the Battle Ring

      Quote Originally Posted by <strong>CelticCentaur203 View Post
      Great guide, but I know of some exceptions. I would never go first, as a healer, in WW. A healer that gets inked can get the whole team defeated.
      That is definitely a great exception and exactly what I'd encourage people to -- think about what makes sense. A lot of folks like to put the hammer in first at Luska instead, but I don't. Once the hammer hits, if the team has set up much at all, there is no more Luska left for a fried appetizer, much less to hit back.

      I like to put someone in first who can vaporize and stack feints. Both those spells are already 100% and since first is inked right away the single targeting won't get him attacked. I'd still try to put the healer in second as I choose to do one hit knock-outs so second spot. But different things work if you just take a moment to set up as a team vs. charging in.

      I'll add it in, thanks for the suggestion!

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      Re: Wizard Bootcamp: Engage! Getting into the Battle Ring

      Great guide! This is definitely something that is often overlooked, or not fully understood. I am enjoying the 'bootcamp' series. Please keep them coming! One thought, and this might belong in its own thread, is entering the battle ring before anyone else is in the room. When I was farming Mount Olympus I would rush as fast as I could to the first room and start the battle. This, as you know, ensured only one minion in addition to the boss. I would always explain this to the people who joined the battle, and a lot of times they understood what I meant. This is not always the case obviously, but if you have the option to only draw one minion instead of two or three, the battle is much more enjoyable. This is an especially helpful tactic when fighting Gladiator D. His minions are a real pain!

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