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      Wizard Bootcamp: Zen and the Art of Healing

      Wizard Bootcamp: Zen and the Art of Healing

      I find playing a healer role truly more of a balancing act way more than playing a balance wizard. There are constant choices between healing or blading, saving or using pips, timing, etc. etc. Here are some ideas and tips I've found helpful:

      Healers are not just life wizards!

      Anyone can play a dedicated healer role with a life mastery. Everyone should be prepared to pitch in and heal in an emergency!

      Every wizard should carry a unicorn and/or fairy in TC (Death, Balance, and Storm can substitute sacrifice, availing hands, and healing current for fairy -- those are extremely powerful heals when played correctly).

      Note, however, the primary role of a healer isn’t healing. It’s helping the team to set up the “battle solution” to end the fight as quickly as possible. Yes, just spamming unicorns is much easier than integrating your spells with the team and working your deck, but it’s usually not as helpful. However, there is an additional burden that the team healer has that a blader/trapper only role does not: you must save enough pips to clutch heal.

      When to heal:

      There is no obligation to keep the team at full health at all times. In fact, that’s not typically an objective. Focus instead on how much health your team has instead of how much health is missing. Some guidelines:

      Count your enemy’s pips. If they have burned them all off, they will not be sending much damage your way for a round or two. If the team is in decent health, use that time to continue trapping/blading. Get your heal card ready if your team won’t be able to hit before enemy pips regenerate. On the other hand, if they have higher pips and especially if you are going second -- you’ll need to heal more aggressively.

      Try to keep your hammer from falling below half health, especially if they are storm (that’s not a lot of health left for them!).

      Only heal when the majority of the points will be used (e.g., a 2,000 point heal when the team is only down a few hundred points is wasted).

      The “victory heal” – If your blade means the hammer can hit and finish, then usually blading is the better option with one exception. If you are running a dungeon or gauntlet without wisps, you’ll want to cast a “victory heal” on the hit round to ensure everyone goes into the next battle with good health.

      Healing priority:

      If you need a targeted heal (not enough pips, more healing power required), heal the hammer first if they are in trouble. If they die they lose the blades and pips needed to hit and having to re-blade and pip up a second time with a damaged team is often a very bad scene.

      Heal yourself second
      so you can keep the rest of the team alive. (Of course, if it comes down to full team defeat, if a wizard is blading, while it may be polite to heal them instead of yourself, they don’t really need the pips and it’s not as big of a problem if they die for a round. Besides, you’re doing them a favor. Often the enemy will stop targeting them if they are dead for a round :P

      Conserving Pips:
      Heals take pips, so use pips sparingly. Unlike a support role that will be only blading or trapping, you’ll often need to make every pip count. If you are facing a long battle with a lot of damage, here are some ways to keep your team healthy while still conserving pips:

      Gear up!
      At higher levels there are some great options for tremendous heal boost. My storm wizard is currently sporting a 93% outgoing heal boost. That, with a TC Sanctuary, means his TC Unicorns heal for about a 1,000 points.

      • Rings & Athames: Celestia really kicks it up a notch with the crafted Stellar Signet and Cosmic Kris. You can also buy Wolf’s Emerald Talon, but I prefer Cosmic Kris for the pip and health boost and am still using it in Darkmoor. Stellar Signet may be replaced at higher levels by Stone of the Other Side, Lords of Night Challenge Ring, Seal of the Fifth Column, etc. These are all dropped rings (but rings with over 30% plus boost seem to drop from a number of sources in KH so check them before you feed them to your pet).
      • Wands: Can help such as Sword of Kings if you’re life, or Root of Spring with a cheap rebirth. But I prefer block wands as preventing criticals becomes extremely important. I probably wouldn’t risk a wand without block without a may cast conviction pet and extremely good block boots. If you want to try for a pack wand, Silver Order of the Spiral is a great option that provides block and outgoing heal boost.
      • Items with zero pip buffs: If you can equip an item with a balanceblade, hex, curse etc. then add that in. Pets are great as you can often get a stackable blade from them.

      Use shields/debuffs: At zero pips they are a bargain! I put in shields to match the boss’s school as they usually have the most pips and hit the hardest. Shield the hammer, especially if he ends up in the circle diagonal from the boss or he attracts attention from a hit or pet heal. Legion shield TC and plague (better when all enemies have a lot of pips) are 1-pip and will typically save more damage than a 3-pip unicorn can heal off.

      Have a teammate use Sanctuary:
      it is a terrific and very underrated spell. In addition, have another teammate go before you into the battle (1st or 2nd spot) and use sanctuary if needed: (i) Bladers usually have additional unused pips and (ii) this allows sanctuary and heal to be cast on the same turn. This allows everyone to blade/trap without having to guess ahead on required heals.

      Let pets do the work if you can:
      Again, Sanctuary to the rescue. It can turn pets into healing dynamos doing double duty with the healer’s spells. Similarly, consider using Brilliant light if teammates have active healing pets. Both will make your heals better as well, often turning a unicorn into a 3-pip rebirth.

      Use Primordial TC to pre-enchant
      a few low-pip heals such as unicorn, fairy, or healing current. With heal boosts, the additional 100 points is a big addition. Being able to grab them from side in an emergency is nice.

      Consider using an Empowerment (aura) early on in higher worlds. Be careful though, it can clog your pips with white pips. These are OK if you're planning to use a lot of 1-pip buffs with unicorn and rebirth requiring an odd number of pips. A backup dryad to clear pips and do a big emergency heal is also an option. This is better in longer battles (which I generally try to stay out of!) as you spend a turn casting it instead of a boost.

      Storm wizards:
      Once you have a better than average odds of hitting a critical, a critical primordial healing current becomes really powerful. That’s a minimum 400 heal. With a sanctuary and a little gear boost you’re looking at twice that and possibly much more. You can make a fickle heal into a real game changer. Pre-enchant some of your healing currents with a TC Primordial to be able to draw it quickly in an emergency.

      Fire Wizards:
      Pack your pixie instead of power link, especially if your team is going to be relying on feints for the boss. If you do decide to heal using power link, at least use it on a minion instead of the boss so the team doesn’t have to wait for the DoT to expire to trap. I still prefer pixie over a critical power link as you get the full heal up front and if your team is working together you shouldn’t be there 3 more rounds after an emergency heal.

      Life Wizards: Like it or not, life wizards are better equipped to heal than any other school. Often you will be able to BOTH (i) send out way more damage than anyone else on the team and (ii) be the only/best healer. In that case, consider propping up the next best hammer. It's far easier to ensure quicker team success in a dungeon that way, than if you're the hitter and no one can heal. It stinks, but that's just the way it is.

      Thanks for reading! Any other tips, comments, suggestions? Please post!

      Other Wizard Bootcamp posts you may enjoy:

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      Re: Wizard Bootcamp: Zen and the Art of Healing

      Great post! There are a couple of things you already mentioned I would like to expand upon. The fist is incoming vs. outgoing stats. If you find yourself in a team healer role you like me, likely have a fairly decent healing pet. When a pet casts a heal, that heal only recognizes your outgoing heal stats. Knowing my pet will likely be healing fairly often, it is for this reason I completely ignore my incoming heal stat.

      As an example, my life has 7% healing in 91% healing out. With sanctuary up, my pet casting unicorn heals me for over 1000, fairy, close to 1500. By focusing on my outgoing my heals to the team are what I'm more concerened with. It is for this reason I gave up my cosmic chris in favor of the felled titan blade. The chris removes mana offers no block, less pip chance and less health. It's only advantage is 3 outgoing and incoming health which I just explained does not concern me.

      I can't express how important the pip game is when playing the teams healer. It is for this reason I almost always try to get empowerment up round 1. Sure you will get white pips but most of the offensive card you will be using require exactly that, one white pip. Feint, elementals, spirits all require one pip.

      If it's a known fight, think ahead. The first fight in Malistaire's graveyard is a perfect example. We all know on round 5 the person with the lowest health is going to get hit hard with his cheat. So casting rebirth on round 4 just removed all of your pip and your hammer is about to die the very next round.

      Know your gear. Using Malistaire again one might think a jade life with 91 outgoing would be the perfect healer for this fight?

      Name:  Picture 2015-01-03 10-42-10.jpg
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      Well a while back we all fought Hades. Take a look in your pack and you may find, you have some serious death resist with insane outgoing healing.

      ZEUS' WAR Eagle robe +20 outgoing + 25 death resist
      Name:  Picture 2015-01-03 10-47-29.jpg
Views: 1418
Size:  222.1 KB

      From the crown shop, Thuergist Vibrant boots
      Name:  Picture 2015-01-03 10-51-25.jpg
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Size:  204.3 KB

      Using these items against a death boss now gives you the following stats. 121 outgoing health, 89 resist to death

      Name:  Picture 2015-01-03 10-55-03.jpg
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Size:  194.8 KBName:  Picture 2015-01-03 10-55-11.jpg
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      Re: Wizard Bootcamp: Zen and the Art of Healing

      Some good stuff here, should definitely be filed under "Wizard Medical School Curriculum"

      Primordials are cheap, and almost always available in bazaar. Rebirth, not so much. and Current, never.

      A few more tips, from running lower dungeons, that may or may not help in Darkmoor:

      • An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. When applied proactively, cards such as legion shield and spirit/elemental shields are cheaper than heals, and let you save pips for a bigger more effective heal when it is needed. Use when the enemies are hitting with single hits, not DOT.
      • Under doom, your best heal is almost always going to be rebirth. Doom has no effect on the size of the spirit armor. One caveat: doom and drains tend to go together, enemies who put up doom *coughmallyshanecough* spam drains, and spirit armor is useless against drains. Legion shield if you can, if not because of cheats, use the relevant dual shield, usually ether or legend shield sometimes volcanic. Mally does a lot of DOTs as well as the occasional nasty drain, these DOT dragons are cyclical so you can usually count the rounds and time your Rebirth to absorb most of the DOT, or absorb some of the front-loaded initial hit.
      • Healing under a barrage of stuns can be challenging. In the ML ice bugs battle, for instance, one of the strongest opening combos for healers there is Empowerment + Stun block. It is difficult to choose which to play first - sometimes you will not get a chance, since you are going second and may get chain stunned. If you are going first, stun block is more important. Yes, it's possible to Empowerment first, accumulating extra pips even while you're stunned. The problem is, you may need to be awake to use them. You need that stun block there, because even a lowly Unicorn or AH will paint a giant target on your forehead. And then there's times when you just need a little less stun. In the Graveyard, you're facing so many stun sources it's simply better to just Conviction.
      • A spammy, active healing pet will ALWAYS burn your Guiding Lights/Brilliant Lights on a stupid sprite. If other folks have spammy pets, consider putting the Guiding Lights on them, instead of yourself. This is why I leave my leaf foot at home.
      • Regenerate is a cheap, very powerful heal. I use it exclusively for when I'm soloing. When properly timed, it is pretty much the most powerful medicine on the market. Drop it on someone with iffy health before a huge incoming hit. One that you know is coming. Hint: count rounds or pips.
      • Enemies who spam juju, efreet, or Gladiator: this is where death shines. A primordial sac will heal a wizard from 0 to full and often wake up your pet as well. Nothing gets healing pets more excited than multiple potential triggers in one spell - damage, heals, blades, etc.
      • Root of Spring is great when it fires, it's not 100% and it has no block so it's really up to you. Use if you have functional death immunity, over 100% outgoing, or massive block from another source. Leave it on your wall if you're not a dedicated healer.
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