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      Wizard Bootcamp: The Supporting Cast

      Wizard Bootcamp: The Supporting Cast

      Everyone wants to hit it seems. However, I personally think the true unsung hero of any battle is the supporting wizard. Tirelessly blading, feinting, healing, and taking hits while the hammer often times just stands there looking pretty, rummaging around for his hit.

      I do believe any wizard can be a hammer. Conversely, every wizard should be prepared to support, even storm (Storm supporting a second storm hitter is very deadly! -- stacked windstorms, storm dispels, storm bubbles, etc. for a storm hammer to free him and the team up for other spells, etc.)

      You may find yourself in a supporting role:

      1. If speed of battle is your objective, the single most efficient team is one where 3 wizards support a single hitter and arrange their spells to accomplish that (See Magical Math).
      2. If your team can't support your school's hit, you may need to change to supporting cast, even if you have the most amazing critical/damage/spells (See If I Had a Hammer).

      What makes a good supporting crew? Options! Most of the options come from having many ways of boosting an attack, allowing the team to easily ďstackĒ similar versions of blades and traps for a big hit. Here are items & spells that accomplish that:

      Trained Spells

      Some spells are worth training on all wizards:

      • Tri-blades: Training both schools of tri-blades can be a good option if you are a dedicated team player. Iíve even had quite a few occasions Iíve had to support life and myth hitters on storm (itís still better than spamming if you need high damage). Therefore, I consider training elemental blades is a must for myth and life wizards, probably a good idea for all others. Youíll almost never see elemental schools training spirit blades, but hey Ė itís one point and does give you a lot of options.
      • Feint: Worth every training point, no matter what school you are. Even if your school specializes in damage over time or double hits, most hits come up front.
      • Potent Trap & Sharpen Blade: Combined with tri-traps and feint, this gives you a lot of options.

      Gear Options
      There are some great gear options to keep in you backpack. They can make boosting a hit much easier. The best thing about them is they allow other teammates to boost with standard spells while you pull out these groovy buffs. These are easy to buy (once you reach the right level):

      • Item Source Description
        Jewel of the Apiary Purchase Buy one. Now. If you only buy one item, this is it. Available in the Bazaar for gold, it gives you a universal blade and an item sharpen blade card for those tri-blades you trained (will stack with trained sharpened blades).
        Jewel of the Feint Purchase Purchased from the Bazaar.
        Black Light Medallion Purchase Available for gold from Brendan DreamingCity in Khrysalis. Gives you a universal blade and item potent trap (will stack with trained potent).
        Moonís Glow Jewel Quest Reward Spirit blade and item sharpen blade. Quest reward for finishing Khrysalis. Keep it, donít feed it to your pet.
        Last Wood Defenderís Jewel Farmed Farmed from Elana Darksun, Ghost Dog, Kravenly (Gallieries). Item elemental blade and item sharpen blade.
        Fatesailorís Exalted Steel Farmed Item card feint, but on an athame Ė allowing you to equip other amulets.

      Other good items to consider at lower levels include Shangoís (School) Blades, Witchís Star, Charm of the Black Pearl, or Level 10/15 amulets with two school traps.

      Treasure Cards
      When all else fails, these are a great backup. If all your gear and trained cards donít show up, itís nice to pull something from TC that works. It may also be that your team only has a couple of blade options (since they havenít read this guide!) and you can fill in with treasure cards. Here are some options:

      • Always keep at least one pierce, one cleanse, one fairy, and one reshuffle in TC unless you are playing a specific specialty deck.
      • TC to keep on you if needed: Spirit and elemental blades (more important), spirit and elemental traps (less important). Balanceblade (if you can find them) and feint (easy to find, great boost).

      Donít wait to draw treasure cards until you need them. If you know you are going to be using TC, draw one or two early so you can discard a couple cards each hand vs. clogging your hand with cards you donít want.

      Yes, people do make pets just for support. Yes, people have made specialty pets just for Darkmoor. But you donít have to go to that extreme. Pets are optional but can be a big help. Check out the Mercenaries for Hire Mascot Pet. Wow! All good pet talent ideas, and theyíll hatch with you, no questions asked

      My favorite pet talents/cards are stackable versions of Dragonblade (Talented Piggle, Tricky Dragon, etc.) and Feint Ė both can make a big difference. Pet cards are NOT an automatic fail, they can be very smart strategy.

      Healing Support
      See Zen and the Art of Healing

      Hope this gives you some ideas! Please feel free to post any additional ideas or thoughts below!

      Other Wizard Bootcamp posts you may enjoy:

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      Re: Wizard Bootcamp: The Supporting Cast

      This is very helpful, thanks for posting this.

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      Re: Wizard Bootcamp: The Supporting Cast

      Cool. I made a supporting pet -- a tricky dragon with Dragonblade, balanceblade, feint, proof and unicorn. I'm death so with dark pacts I can blade anyone :D It's also nice when the dark pacts trigger a unicorn for the team!

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