Contests must have

Start date
End date

Forum Gold Prizes ~ Each prize that a person can win must be at least 25 forum gold. There have been too many contests for 1 forum gold as a prize.
*Kingsisle Gift Certificate codes are not allowed to be given out.

Come Find Me In Game ~
* Post a screen shot of the wizard they are looking for including your wizards name.
* The contest must end the same day it was started.
* No Online/Offline allowed.
* Stand in one spot until you're found. If you can't do this then don't hold the contest.
* When the winning screen shot is posted, announce them as the winner and award them their prize.

No asking for members to thank your post to be entered into your contest.
No contests that you are thinking of a number. Example I am thinking of a number between 1-100.
No contests that a certain post number wins. Example post #300 wins.
No directing members off site for your contest. Example another website, blog or youtube channel.

Members from the same household cannot join a contest their family member is holding. If we see a match between the person holding the contest and the winner you will no longer be allowed to hold contests.

You can not ask members for gold to enter your contest, this includes donations or entry fees such as a lottery.

No multiple threads for contests. You do not need a discussion thread or a separate thread to announce your winners.

If you start a contest you are expected to finish it. It's not fair to the members that joined your contest to have you suddenly change your mind and cancel.

* Contests should last no longer than one week.

We are often asked for the link to the website Central uses for the random name drawing. It can be found here.

** Please report any contests that are breaking the rules or if a member has not completed or awarded prizes.

*If you are holding a party or PVP event that involves prizes please post it under Party and Events that can be found here*

We might adjust or add more guidelines in the future if they are needed. So please always check these guidelines before making a contest.