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    Post your rarest Wizard101 items

    As a long time player, I like to reminisce about old Wizard101. Thought I'd create a thread where you can post your rarest items, tcs, or anything you consider old in Wizard101.

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    Re: Can we get rid of timer in PVP now?

    I wouldn't mind the timer if Diego's choosing was actually based on game state. Picking whoever used more attacks instead of who was in a position to win is stupid. Should a boxer get a win just...
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    Re: What is distinctive about Myth

    Changing Orthrus was a mistake to me. Kingsisle should have just made Earthquake the 7 pip AoE, now they have a generic 7 pip aoe, the same earthquake, and only minotaur as a double hit. As for the...
  4. Re: If you could go back to any year of Wizard101??

    The best eras for me was late 2009/early 2010 and later on early 2012. The pre-celestia era was great, but people don't remember that there was like a good year before any meaningful content was...
  5. Poll: Re: 1v1ers: Which of these issues is MOST detrimental to your current arena experienc

    All are major issues but I'm conflicted on lack of diversity or lack of control. In this current meta maycasts are the #1 problem, but it's assumed it will be nerfed in the upcoming audit. Other...
  6. Re: Double Pet XP, thru 2/15, Member Benefit

    Here's a tribute to all the promising pets that ended up as failures. This is for you.
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    There needs to be more gear diversity

    Since I've returned to the game I have noticed the game(and more specifically PvP) has next to no alternatives for gear. One of the hallmarks of an RPG is the ability to craft your character and spec...
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    Re: Please don't nerf maycast...

    Unpopular opinion but I don't think may cast auras have a place in PvP. Ever since they were released with the Purreau hoard pack years ago I've felt like it's had a negative impact on the arena. The...
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    Re: How Would You Make KI More Profitable

    To echo what Eric said, free to play with a good balance of non invasive microtransactions would be great. Unlocking that audience who could never play the game and finish later worlds because of the...
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    Re: Kingsisle bought by MGI

    I think the new directions for balance are a good direction. While there's some things such as critical I don't enjoy, I appreciate the devs acknowledging the game has balance issues and TRYING to...
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    Re: Kingsisle bought by MGI

    Kingsisle has operated on the subscription model because it worked in 2008 when the game came out. The game was heavily influenced by Toontown which also did the $10 a month for full access. Fast...
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    Re: Kingsisle bought by MGI

    Hoping this means some sort of change to the antiquated monetization of the game. We shouldn't be paying $10 a month plus the heavy microtransactions. Whether or not the game is free with...
  13. Re: 2020 Holiday Raffles! (Multiple Sets of Prizes)

    Thanks for the contest, I believe a way the community can grow is more in-game meetups and contests. More people joining and interacting means community growth.
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    Re: I've Been BANNED For No Reason!

    Kingsisle seriously tries their hardest to earn the bad rep they get from the community. Banning players for checking alt-account discounts which are used to GIVE KINGSISLE MONEY is egregious. The...
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    Re: Is it true we can get banned for this??

    I doubt you'd be banned for legitimately buying crowns. Also, how would Kingsisle know if it was a sibling/friend's account who wants to gift the person in question?
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    Re: Astral spells and deck setup

    I wouldn't invest any points into star spells aside from Furnace which you get at level 84. If anything, buy treasure card versions of amplify or vengeance. As for your deck, it's a little large for...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Ratbeard & PvP, new Dev Diary.

    Removing enchanted treasure cards hits warps the entire construction of a deck. There's 3 major negatives I can see coming.

    1. Less available enchanted hits encourages defensive playstyles. While...
  18. Re: Pet training is the most unnecessarily frustrating system in the game

    My current frustration is from trying to transfer talents onto a pet body. I have a perfect base pet with 5/5 of the talents, fresh pet body and hatched until all stats/talents are exactly the same....
  19. Pet training is the most unnecessarily frustrating system in the game

    Having played Wizard101 for 12 years, I've seen the growth of the game and experienced many drastic changes. From the heavy shifting towards top gear only appearing in hoard packs, to lore spells and...
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    Re: Riddle me this Batman...

    Why has Wizard101 been marketed as a 10+ game and "family friendly" yet gambling a lot of money on hoard packs is one of the core systems of the game?
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    Re: Stats On Mounts

    The pet/mount/wand from the primeval pack give the stat bonuses. You're basically going to sacrifice a pet card, a small amount of critical, and pierce in exchange for more damage and 7-9% resist....
  22. Re: Does Central (still) have a favored realm?

    Scarecrow used to be great because with an active forum community, you'd always run into people you knew while playing in a quieter realm. Since less people play now, it just makes sense to switch to...
  23. Poll: [TEST REALM] Re: Poll - Feelings on shadow pip/spell changes

    I don't mind adjusting the strength of shadow spells, but the way they're approaching it is wrong.

    Shadow spells have become so ingrained into both PvP and PvE that any change is going to get some...
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    Re: Is it worth playing this game again?

    I'm in a similar situation to you. I started playing Wizard101 in December of 2008. I got hooked on the game and it gave me a way to forget about issues I faced at school. The game was always fun,...
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    Re: Happy Father's Day Bundle

    I feel like these bundles are traps for newer players to fall for before they realize these are mediocre items that can be obtained with in-game currency.
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