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  1. Re: Death School should rejoin rest of ravenwood

    Personally, as a Death Wizard, I'd like to stay where I'm at. If Merle and the other scholars would like to stabilize that area for a Walmart or Bass Pro; I'm cool with that. If I'm vetoed out,...
  2. Re: Life Deckathalon event Now through July 19

    This is my first Life Deckathalon. I'm enjoying it so far. I did get a chuckle in the first round as the enemies strategy seems to be Imp, Imp, Imp, Imp, Imp, Imp, Imp, Imp and Imp. LOL.
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    Re: No, you aren't dreaming! Crowns sale!

    I knew something was up when I looked out the window this morning and saw this...
  4. [TEST REALM] Re: Summer 2021 - Dislikes / uncertainties (not Bugs)

    KI, when this thing goes live - can you make it where I do not get notifications of a new quest in Firecat Alley? The last time all my wizards were notified of a quest in Triton Avenue with the...
  5. [TEST REALM] Re: Summer 2021 - Dislikes / uncertainties (not Bugs)

    FTUE: I think it is great for those new to the game. Personally; I am neutral since I've been here forever and a day!
    Fellow/Adventure Groups: My play is too random and at weird hours. I like to...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: "Summer 2021 - Updates Discussion"

    Moved content to correct thread. Sorry.
  7. Sticky: Re: Constructive criticism and/or suggestions for KingsIsle

    I think we all know where this went
  8. Sticky: Re: Constructive criticism and/or suggestions for KingsIsle

    Thank you for this. I think it is a great idea. :yes3:

    So I'll start and I think everyone knows my suggestion; please have more crown sales. I think we've had 1 since Christmas. We use to get them...
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    Crispy or Extra Crispy. There is no other way.
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    Funny Spiral Observations

  11. Sticky: Re: Current Fishing Leaderboards totals and most fish caught.

    Updating my totals
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    Blacksmiths Fjord

    I like it. This is a really nice castle. There are lots of fish, but not many species. Steelhead Doodlefish is new. Also caught Fish n' Chips, Tattoo Fish, Grrrrr Fish, Summer Shark Fish, Jackson...
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    Steelhead Doodlefish

    New fish in the new bundle: Blacksmiths Fjord.
  14. Re: Throwback Thursday, Old Packs Return! 50% off, One day only.

    Exactly where in my statement does it say I'll be buying packs tonight? All I said was that I like the look of some of the gear (in particular in the Unkind Gear) and IF I were someone who stitched...
  15. Re: Throwback Thursday, Old Packs Return! 50% off, One day only.

    I do like the look of some of the gear the Raven's Hoard pack has. If I stitched, I might be after some of that.
  16. Re: What do you think you're good at in this game?

    Playing the Game/Questing. Gardening. Fishing. Collecting Reagents/Crafting. Hoarding

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    Re: What are you bad at in this game?

    PvP. Pet Derby. Castle Decorating/Magic. Deckathalon

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    Re: Happy things!

    That was the name of the show, The Lost Saucer. It starred Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzy. I think it was on ABC. They had a crazy half dog half horse pet called Doris.
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    Re: Happy things!

    The Banana Splits.

    - - - Updated - - -

    This one is a deep cut archive. The Lost Saucer. Anyone?
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    Re: Happy things!

    Sigmund & the Sea Monster; HR Puffinstuff.
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    Making my way towards the end of the Myth Deckathalon. Probably won't make it though. It's my first Myth Deckathalon. Currently at 8.2 and have stopped. Really need the Level 7 deck, but don't have...
  22. Re: Double Pet XP, Member Benefit, thru 6/15

    I remember when this meant an exciting jamboree of hatching, training, hatching, training, hatching, training and on and on and on. Memories....pressed between the pages of my mind....

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    Re: What do you do while playing the game?

    Played other games, watched TV, responded/returned emails or text, payed bills, spent too much money on Amazon, grab something to eat, cleaned up, doing laundry and yes; I've even fallen asleep at...
  24. Re: Do you listen to In-Game Music? What's your favorite?

    I always have the music going. For me, it provides a little something to add quality to the experience. As far as my favorites; I enjoy the music more as we make our way towards the antagonist. It's...
  25. Re: How much do you care about having a "Perfect Pet"?

    The perfect pet is different for everyone. I have many pets that contribute many things/abilities to my wizards. I consider them all valuable in their own special ways.
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