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  1. Re: End of Scroll Celebration Day - Event IDEA

    There's no party without Dylan Windwalker lol Count me in, although I haven't really done much on the Scroll or Fortune cause all I do is stand around and that doesn't get me any farther. But any...
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    Re: Krokopatra Rematch Made Easy

    You'd think Krokopatra would be easier than Lord Nightshade, but no no no :surrender:
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    Re: Headless Horseman

    Hoping maybe there's a new Halloween key boss :001_huh:
  4. Are we going to be graduating from the Arcanum?

    I've always thought that becoming a student in the Arcanum is reminscient of becoming a student at a university. After all, we've already graduated from Ravenwood, which has lasted for several years...
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    Re: Track-r-Treater Pet Talent

    I hope it's updated this month when the Halloween festivities step up. At least the talent should give some better housing items like Jack-o-Lanterns and even potions (not anything valuable for us...
  6. Re: Free Membership Has Officially Ended

    I didn't have much to fish for but I did max out my gold cause o Double Gardening lol
  7. Re: "Desert Lodestar Staff" on sale thru Oct. 2nd.

    I've always wanted one of these, not sure about buying one though (if it were even possible with my 1k crowns lol).
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    Re: Model Solar System TP Hub

    I kinda want to do this in my Wysteria House but it would hardly be as prestine as your lab
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    Re: Oogie Boogie

    The only downside of it is that after revival, you're vulnerable for one or two turns where you need to heal up.
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    [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Shedder Sidequest

    You still need help?
  11. Re: "New Mount:Don't Fall Board", thru 12/20.

    They're releasing skateboards and now we have the ability to make extraordinary skateparks that would make 90s kids jealous... but nonetheless, we can't do any tricks with these mounts, no kick flips...
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    Something about today seems off putting to me, I just wanna stay home and stare at a wall until I fall asleep.
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    School themed Krokotopia gear?

    I think it's been much too long that we've had school themed Wizard City gear and at this point, I really don't think there's anybody that would disagree with that statement. After more than a...
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    Visiting other Guilds!

    While hanging around our Guild, I've heard many members wish it were possible to look at other Guild Houses and see how they've decorated their lairs. I think this would be a great way to inspire new...
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    How do you feel about Guilds now?

    It's been about a month since Guilds released in Summer Update and I feel like it would be useful for readers who are still unsure about joining a Guild or are now just logging in for the first time...
  16. Have you experienced: The Mandela Effect?

    There's plenty of evidence suggesting the possibility of this but the majority of it is based off of subjective experiences and falsifiable recounts of memory that can't be deduced as objective (to...
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    Re: Does anyone know...

    Maybe the Guild Houses restrict items that send you off to different areas like a Teleport could do.
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    Re: Does anyone know...

    I don't think we can donate the Gauntlets

    we need: the Iron Sultan, Fishbowl, Pot of Gold, and the Mine

    I'm wondering whether we can put in the Shinobi Dojo if anybody has one
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    Re: Does anyone know...

    Ack the Central Guild house really do be lacking lol
    MzDreamfire, do you have any of those that you're willing to donate? I know we have the present but we don't have anything else lol
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    Re: KI Employee Gone Bad

    The problem of hacking is still out there (and I'm not just talking about the bazaar bots). If you see anything suspicious even if you're not sure if you have evidence to support it, it is still...
  21. Re: "Novus Forming" Image posted (& a code).

    If we're fighting viruses in the next work, boy, will I go all out cause I am DONE with viruses :bored:
  22. Re: "Severe game lag and disconnections, Tuesday, 9/20", W101 & P101.

    I think there's an argument to be had that you don't need to have a High-end Gaming PC in order to run the game properly unlike the other major MMORPGs out there (and PC Games specifically). I think...
  23. Sticky: Re: "A Message from KingsIsle - Wizard101 Broadcast System Breach"

    Dang I felt that lol :coffeeup:
  24. Re: What has been your latest baking confectionary?

    I tried to make an Orange-Peach cookie but apparently it's more like a fritter but I baked it instead of frying it. Idk what the term of these fruit "cookies" are but apparently it's not full cookie...
  25. Sticky: Re: "A Message from KingsIsle - Wizard101 Broadcast System Breach"

    I still think it's only going to go downhill from here. Cybersecurity and Hacking is only going to get more complex and dangerous in the near future and I'm not sure that Ki the capabilities to get...
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