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  1. [WANTED TO MIX] Re: Looking for a double resist double pierce pet (fire)

    Found the Tiger pet but you switched characters and I was so quick lol.

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    Found the Tiger pet but you switched characters and I was so quick lol.
  2. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    Simply because KI pay "influencers" AKA streamers, who do as they are paid to do. There's big $$$ in it for them. Do you think even a PVP player wants rid of nearly 50% damage on the back end of a...
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    Re: Make Amber available in Bazaar

    I feel the same way about grafting(That was a typo but seems quite apt rather than saying crafting:1087:) nowadays, it's just far too much hassle for little reward. If you want to craft gear you...
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    Re: Lady Cat is gone

    Something to be thankful of today, while she was here with you.
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    I rarely fish for Showcase but I say go as simple as you can. Go to a school house, so you know they are all (insert school). It's great if you have some crafting need, I'm happy to be done as fast...
  6. Re: Just for fun - Things that make you go "Ewww"

    I have heard about they used Beetles for making red dye for food and drink products. That is pretty gross!

    On a similar theme of things that make you go eewwww!

    The people behind propagating...
  7. Re: A Thankful Member of The Central Family

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Make Amber available in Bazaar

    Its clear Amber and crafting spells has no future in game, so why not make it something we can sell in wiz now? It has little value any more, so why not?
  9. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    So KI are taking the juice now! If you want the old Deer Knight you can BUT you gotta farm the spellements to get the spell you owned for years back again. I bet they think they are doing something...
  10. Double Pet XP, thru 11/30. Member Benefit.

    Double pets XP is back, no idea how long it is for. Enjoy!
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Aphrodite is now a stone key boss

    Absolutely on Obsidian keys.

    Having farmed Omen hard this weekend, it put the new bosses to shame in value, Using 2 Wizards( no friends) I was *almost* getting 1 mount on one wiz or the other...
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    Re: Level 130 Gear and Beyond

    Given that there has been a damage cap, soft cap, I saw no need to farm or even visit the underground/drains in wizard city. Malistaire hat and robe it is good enough, providing you much resistance...
  13. Re: "Monthly Event Calendar" thru Jan. 2, 2023.

    From someone who doesn't play beastmoon, I believe that map was added sometime in the last 12 months. I'm 99% sure it's already something in game and not in the test realm.

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    Thank you for the info BUT it shouldn't be like this. Cool things in lower worlds should ALWAYS drop for all. Honestly, if I lived in Texas and these people needed any kind of help, I can't swear...
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    Somebody needs to tell them an old adage:

    If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

    Why make it "more challenging"? If players wanted "more challenging" they would choose a different game! The newer...
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    After spending the weekend farming Omen I'm left wondering why most of the gear is no trade? It's not like the hat, robe and boots only drop your school version. Likewise the mastery amulets will...
  17. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    Yet it's all very frustrating them retroactively changing long-standing spells in game. They truly are sucking the life out of this game that has kept me personally playing for 10 years straight,...
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    So I thought I would go farm this beautiful wand to stitch. Checking the wiki I find that the original wand no longer comes from the boss Avalanche. Instead it has been repurposed and drops from...
  19. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    Bro you understand a school pip is a power pip but now it has to be a "death school pip". there's no LESS pips but harder to get "school" pips.

    Regardless Deer Knight is ruined. Sad.
  20. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    Mwah haha I came to gloat, I warned you.


    Deer Knight utterly wrecked.... Not just Lore spells, wow, just wow! (I have 2 Death wiz, I am every school)

    Who warned you about...
  21. Re: Developers want to be treated better! It goes both ways!

    The problem is that there is no developer communication outside of certain niche groups, That being PVP and streamers. They have made it clear that this community for example means nothing to them....
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: looking for myth stats/proof/defy

    It should work now...
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    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: looking for myth stats/proof/defy

    happy to lend my pet. send me pm to meet up( or post best times here.)
  24. Developers want to be treated better! It goes both ways!

    I remember reading this some time ago, I can't remember if it was on this forum, or somewhere else.

    Then want players to remember that they are "human too"

    This has stuck with me for quite some...
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    Re: Extracting Azoth

    My best guess is like Elemental, Harmonic and Spiritual Azoth. Random recipe drop(Devs are evil) .

    Can't say refine 10, 20 etc.

    They are moving goal posts hence evil.
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