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  1. Re: Member Loyalty: Winter Treant 1 token

    Finally one of wizards can stop rowing the practically free pirate rowing boat from that Zafaria key boss :blink:
  2. Re: "Warning:Fading White Flashing Lights!"

    I did notice that myself, though I'm not epileptic at any capacity, I think they should change it to a slower motion. Something like a transition rather than flashing lights. Best to fix this problem...
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    Re: Who likes Mazes this Much?

    Wonder if Quinn is the kind of person that passes out from overwhelming joy when entering a corn maze lol
  4. Re: Regal Castle Blocks ate my wallpaper and flooring.

    All the wallpapers and tiles actually went to Dasein's residence in the Nothing realm lol
  5. Re: New Pack: "Yuletide Elf Pack", in Loyalty Store.

    I had one of those rocking horses back in the good old days. I destroyed it lol If you're in disbelief as to how a child could wreck a wooden thing like that, well you probably should think twice...
  6. Re: How do you reconnect with returning friends?

    Lol this thread wasn't that personal. I don't have that much trouble getting to know friends again. This is more in general across the Spiral for other people's circumstances :001_tongue:
  7. Re: I'm trying to get back into questing

    lol willing is probably an understatement. But right about now, I can probably only help you with that fight. I wasn't that busy before the Novus update but now I'm like, I have something to do every...
  8. How do you reconnect with returning friends?

    I'm not particularly asking for myself but I have seen that a lot of my older friends who haven't logged on in a long long time are returning to quest through Novus. I feel like this is true of many...
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    Re: Welcome to Novus!

    I enjoyed that subtle Last Airbender and Legend of Korra references in Catmandu :sorcerer:
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    Re: New pip system

    I do find it odd though that they would just throw something like this at us in the first fight in the new world (there's dialogue about it and that's it). I was kind of hoping that there would be a...
  11. Thread: Pins

    by Dylan Windwalker

    Re: Pins

    A dude on YouTube shouldn't be the one to explain Pins in game. Ki should be explaining Pins! Yes, there's Update Notes and Dev Diaries and whatnot... but Kids/Tweens aren't gonna look at that lol...
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    Re: Novus, where is the gear?

    I've made it (what I'm assuming is) near the end of the second area (I'm level 152 if that gives you a sense of where I'm at). I'm still in the phase of posting where I don't want to give out any...
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    Re: "It's Time for Yuletide!"

    Gonna preach to the choir here: What's the deal with Reindeer Spellements and Krampus Spellements? lol I feel like that's the majority of what players are gonna be wondering this season.

    Maybe we...
  14. Re: Which "Christmas Movie" will you watch (again) ?

    The Charlie Brown - Snoopy Christmas specials was basically as much holiday I got in December throughout my childhood. Idk if I plan on watching that particularly, it's whatever feeling happens that...
  15. Re: "Mount:Polygonal Prowler" in Crown Shop.

    This is one of those mounts I'd actually consider buying at a discount :sleep1:Hopefully this happens at some point in the rare chance I have that many crowns to begin with lol
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    Re: Returning after 3 years

    W101 is one of those games you could really throw out out your mind and come back to it whenever since the gameplay (at least until Novus, I have no idea what's going on with that lol) is rather...
  17. Re: "Update & Maintenance", Nov. 30, 2am CST / 10am CEST.

    I'm really about to wake up tomorrow and start questing again. That's a wild feeling lol
  18. Re: "Yuletide Decorative Bundles" & "Winter Trees Bundle", ends 1/2.

    I don't need another reminder that it's gonna be Winter 2022 again lol I just want it to be summer of 2007 again, people going to the mall to get their first Iphone and the world is not ending as...
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    Re: Favorite "Christmas Songs".

    I'm not much of a Christmas person, not very festive so I didn't really reply to this one. BUT I MUST REPLY TO ALL THE THREADS sooooooooo lol (jk jk). I really do enjoy a Hot Chocolate and "Harry in...
  20. Re: Just Another Sometimes It Happens Bug

    It happens with some teleporters and other teleporters work fine. I think with this in mind, it's going to be difficult to pinpoint the problem especially if it involves connection, which is...
  21. [TEST REALM] Re: Test Realm Patch Notes for Nov. 21, 2022.

    I look forward to questing again and again and again... But then there's Bailey Jade and her endless army :smile-piza:
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    What's your favorite house?

    Personally it's always been the Celestial Observatory. It's somewhat difficult to decorate the interior but the best part about it is that it's small so there's plenty of room to put in the details...
  23. Re: Returning from a 2 year break, universal resist question

    To answer your question objectively, no but close. If you're Ice, it's closer.

    Jade Gear is still around (don't know why, could say). Rockstar Boots if you remember those are still around....
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    Re: Fairy Spellement

    I'm not sure if learning about Spellements as early as learning Pixie/Fairy is a good thing, I think it might be too much for a starting player to get into and grinding needlessly to upgrade that...
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    Re: Building the ideal ice wizard

    Descrimination is beyond foolish thing in W101. Remember that. It has no place in this game and in anywhere in our greater reality and don't think for a second that isn't true. The difficulties of...
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