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    Re: Spellement Crafting

    I feel like in this scenario, every single Lore Spell TC (and I'm talking about the super common ones nobody cares about like Wintermoon and Samoorai) will become incredibly rare, like nearly...
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    Re: Make Amber available in Bazaar

    I have something like 200 Ambers in stock but I know people out there with thousands to spare. King Parsley is a pretty decent plant to harvest (at elder) for Amber but at the same time, some players...
  3. Re: Groundskeeper Verne in Pegasus Place

    And that's why Ravenwood is always gonna be better than Pigswick lol

    lol why does everything have to be half-baked, even the updates that didn't even have any reason to be done in the first place...
  4. Re: A Thankful Member of The Central Family

    Happy Thanksgiving Witches and Wizards lol
  5. Re: Requesting Housing Crafter Recipe Screenshots

    Caspeen, Let's unlock Housing Crafting :001_cool:
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    It is pretty... weird, perplexing. Are they seeing that this item is No-Auction and automatically putting it in the drop tables of Malistaire to make it rare because everything that drops from...
  7. [TEST REALM] Re: Test Realm Patch Notes for Nov. 21, 2022.

    I'm glad they're rethinking Shadow Creatures, since as they are right now, they're barely used because the cost is too high for something that will deal less damage than two spells that require one...
  8. [TEST REALM] Re: Death Spell Changes (and Spellement Paths)

    I'm lost for words at this point :12:

    Are they trying to weaken our spells to make up for steadily increasing stats because they don't know how to make enemies powerful? Spell damage goes down,...
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    Re: shark tooth and star iron

    I'm assuming none of the Novus recipes require these, but then that's a good thing considering how difficult it is to obtain these reagents. We don't want another Karamelle situation where it's...
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    Re: Another bad day in gardening.

    I'm gonna tell my grandchildren this is how the plant coup d'état started :surrender:
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    Re: Our Country is so broken

    There's not a day that passes in my life that I don't think about that. And I'm not even talking about just the Semi-United States, where the divide is so blatant...
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    Re: Count to 100 before a Moderator Posts

    66. lol I'm here
  13. Re: Is it a good time for a GiveAway? :)

    Sounds like fun. I guess I can put myself out there lol

    My myth Logan BoomBloom, who traveled to the Spiral less than a month ago, has probably had the wildest time of any level 1 I've ever had....
  14. Re: Developers want to be treated better! It goes both ways!

    It's a difficult balance I'm sure. Ki has plans and an agenda of ideas but almost always the player community has problems with it. But then if Ki caters to their fanbase and their ideas of what they...
  15. Re: Yuletide/Winter Decoration Items?

    Probably the snowflakes.

    I've been thinking about an idea of using Castle Magic + Advanced Movement with the Snowflakes to make extra big snow. It takes a lot of space though and since it's a...
  16. Re: "Thank you for 10K followers!" (free code).

    But alas, I will never download TikTok (and Twitter lol):18:
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    Re: Fate of Grub Guardian

    Honestly, nothing ever made in the internet is ever truly gone... well maybe, mostly :lol:
  18. Re: Helpful Healing Pet Bundle (Crown Shop) - thoughts?

    I mean if you bought the bundle already, to anybody who has bought a bundle in the past (with the slight exception of the very few useful ones almost entirely made up of new items like the picnic...
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    Re: Nov 16, National Fast Food Day

    I would never go out of my way to get fast food and I haven’t eaten in one of those more famous chains like McDonalds in more than a decade. I’ve thought about getting shake shack sometimes but it’s...
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    Re: They're Here!

    That piggle is on death’s door with that Gobbler King around lol I mean… bacon and ham lol
  21. Re: Helpful Healing Pet Bundle (Crown Shop) - thoughts?

    Are all of these pets attainable by hatching? I’ve always been rather suspicious of every bundle as some sort of scam (especially the ones where a large majority of the items can be bought through...
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    Re: Yo, I'm new !

    It’s my go-to greeting alongside Ahoy there Matey. Or maybe something like Good “incorrect time” (like saying good morning when it’s actually the evening) but this one doesn’t always work cause time...
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    Have you ever been Hypnotized?

    I never cared for the phenomenon and I know it doesn't always work, but from weird things I've seen from people I know who would never ever do those sort of things in front of a crowd, it does keep...
  24. What has been some of the craziest few seconds of your life?

    I once saw a disheveled man mix Soda, Coffee, Orange Juice, and Creamer into one drink at a free local event. I think that person is living in a different plain of existence :mellow:

    Also the...
  25. Re: Need assistance creating a guild

    My Ice and Life are still without a Guild so I can probably help you if you really do want to start your own Guild. But it's important to mention that your availability, how often you log on to the...
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