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    Re: Game Updates for June 23, 2021

    I've never spent any of my arena tickets yet, so I really hope they give us a warning of when the ne age of PvP is coming so I can spend them. Though I do wonder, when they say they'll keep the old...
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    Re: Steelhead Doodlefish

    I've found a few while going through the rate a castle under the any tab. Between the 3 wizards I've been using, I think I've found 2-3. Also, there's one on page 9 under the decorations tab (I...
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    Re: Friendly Player Features!!!

    I don't use it myself, but I mostly see them when I team up through the kiosk. Most of the time they really are friendly, but the only exception was a trio of storm wizards who accused me of being a...
  4. Re: Questions and Tips for KI Live, June 24

    Question: How many people have bought the Olde Town Apartment and how many people have bought the Commons Apartment?
    Tip: Remember to be kind to your fellow players. Not everyone will play their...
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    Re: beastmoon monster mayhem

    Is there also a chance that maybe someone could look at the bug where sometimes all we end up seeing is a blue screen when the new phase begins? Another person and I were doing an outside fight last...
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    Re: Decorating trends

    I've always ensured that whatever I needed enlarged/shrunk looked good or at least added some variation in tree height (such as my Battlemage Keep and Avalon Castle Plot). Very few items near the...
  7. Re: How do you feel about Adjustments on Pets?

    I have noticed a bit more frillasaur pets being used, but I admit I've only seen them while running dungeons. I haven't really been inside the hatchery much to notice if there's a new trend going...
  8. Re: What do you do while playing the game?

    I've gotten pretty good at it, but I admit that occasionally I've been distracted while watching it while questing (though not as often as I've been bugged by my family over things I don't care about...
  9. Re: What do you do while playing the game?

    While I had a membership (ended on the 2nd) and was questing, I was mostly speed running through the worlds/parts of worlds I wasn't interested in. I mostly listened to a lot of stuff on youtube in...
  10. Re: All of Wizard City should be free to play.

    It would be nice if Wizard City was free to play at times. It would allow for people to have at least one whole world to run around in and perhaps tempt them into exploring the rest of the game. ...
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    Ninja's lore hat issue

    I think I can post this here, but if needed a mod can move this to the correct area.
    Is the chrysanthemum and august sage hats supposed to make our wizards bald? It doesn't do this when wearing the...
  12. Re: swapping keys when joining through kiosk for key bosses?

    There wasn't any communication about who was using their key to be honest. She just assumed that someone else was going to provide their gold key and was just about ready to bail out the moment...
  13. swapping keys when joining through kiosk for key bosses?

    Not sure where exactly to put this (mods can move this if needed), but is the normal rule when starting a key boss, the starter has a key and is expected to use it? Is it normal for people who join...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    Thanks! Coming up with ideas of how to make the game more interesting is fun to do. It's really more of looking at what everyone has decided to be the mainstream meta and going the opposite way or...
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    Re: Khrysalis Wands

    You have to complete the quest "Price of the Blade" in the Hive for her to sell her recipes. This is a main quest in Khrysalis, so you'll have to quest up to that point for the wand recipe.
  16. Re: How much do you care about having a "Perfect Pet"?

    If it's a maycast or an energy pet, being maxed out on everything doesn't matter. If it's my damage/critical pets, as long as they're as close to max as possible I'm perfectly okay their stats. I...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    I'm finished with my spiritual trio! They finished Karamelle (with help on team up for Paradox because everyone kept targeting and killing my poor myth for absolutely no reason) and completed the...
  18. Re: What pets are you training currently?

    I'm working on an energy corgi for my myth wiz for gardening purposes, a death critical/damage raven on my death wiz because why not, and a life energy/critical rooted grimoire on my life because the...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    I was able to get passed phase one, but I think if I had a fourth account for minion sweeping I probably could've made it. No guarantees though. Thankfully we only need to deal 20,000 damage per...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    Finally finished up Empyrea today. However, I couldn't beat Triton in waterworks gear with just my spiritual trio. So, I spent all of yesterday and today speed running through Grizzleheim for Juju...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    My spiritual trio made it through the tree grove dungeons and I'll be fighting the Titan tomorrow. Let's see if I can win the fight in Waterworks gear and without their shadow hit spells. And maybe...
  22. Re: How often do you "play as your pet"?

    Here and there for me. If I'm going AFK in a crowded area that I don't want to leave or be bothered, I'll just play as my pet and spin to keep from being logged out. When Karamelle came out and...
  23. Re: Questions and Tips for KI Live, May 27th

    Question: What's the best and worst part about making anything new (gear, pets, world, quests, etc.)?

    Tip: When starting another wizard, try making a challenge for yourself to make things more...
  24. Re: What is a good pet for a low level ice wizard?

    I train a variety of pets, but I mostly look at the lesser used pets to create my ice pets (although I do main my snow beast on my main ice wiz since I've used that pet for so long it'd feel weird to...
  25. Re: What is a good pet for a low level ice wizard?

    If she's going to be hunting through the kiosk for a pet, then the verglas grimoire pet is good for a trap or any pet with an ice blade. If she's wanting to ask around on Central for a pet, then...
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