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  1. Re: Discard right click discards 2 cards

    My new mouse came in a couple of days ago and I got around to installing it today. Testing shows it doesn't erroneously double click and discarding in w101 now seems to work normally. My thanks to...
  2. Prickly bear cactus nerfed -- what now?

    Years ago I used to grow prickly bear cactus plants for mega snacks, but that no longer seems very practical. They don't reliably drop good snacks any more and worse yet no longer drop enough seeds...
  3. Re: What are you farming for right now?

    I avoid farming like the plague and only do it when absolutely necessary. However, good pets ARE a necessity for questing, at least solo questing past the first arc, so I find myself frequently...
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    Re: Is Wizard101 Worth Playing in 2021?

    You absolutely want to do Five B.O.X.E.S.! When asked "what's your favorite world" my answer is consistently "inside the Professor's telegraph box". These quests are well written and fun. No, they...
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    Re: Is Wizard101 Worth Playing in 2021?

    I've been playing off and on (mostly off) for nearly 10 years now and still consider it a good game. I feel it is worth the $10 monthly membership if I am actually playing every day, when my...
  6. What is the quickest way to get arena tickets?

    I would like to buy some of the jewels sold by the vendor outside the PvP arena, but don't know the best way to go about acquiring the tickets necessary. I get a few tickets running daily...
  7. Re: What is a good pet for a low level ice wizard?

    I have highly developed enchanted armaments too, which I referrred to above as the "sword and shield" pet. They're great multi-school pets since anyone can use the sharpen blade enchantments. But...
  8. Re: What is a good pet for a low level ice wizard?

    Apparently the pet Jared is referring to is the Frosty Eye, not Icy Eye.
    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  9. What is a good pet for a low level ice wizard?

    I have a friend I think I am about to talk into starting to play W101, she seems to want to play ice. I want to be able to help her get a good pet. In the past I have just introduced newbies to the...
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    Re: KI wants Pet/Mount Bundle Ideas

    I would like to see more dyable mounts. I am reluctant to ride any mount that doesn't match my outfit.

    I have a notion in my head of a "dice-cycle" mount. This would be a motorcycle like vehicle...
  11. Re: Discard right click discards 2 cards

    I have had what seemed to be the same issue in the past with different equipment, though not as severe as when I started this thread. I also googled the issue and found a lot of similar complaints,...
  12. Re: Discard right click discards 2 cards

    I tried the suggestion to "slow down" and hold my mouse steady for a bit before right clicking to discard, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I am not quite certain, but it appears that...
  13. Discard right click discards 2 cards

    I have been away from the game for several months but started playing again a couple of days ago. I am having a problem that when I right click on my mouse to discard a card from my hand, 2 cards...
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    Re: What kind of mount would you like?

    I'd like to have a mount based on the theme of rolling dice. Perhaps a motorcycle-like frame with rolling dice for wheels. The dice don't just roll forward, they bounce around back and forth and...
  15. Re: Any New world speculations or theories??

    Himoolaya would be cool.
  16. Re: Where do I build an Azteca structure out of blocks?

    My queries on the KingsIsle message boards led to my figuring out there IS an Azteca themed castle intended for building Azteca structures out of blocks, it is called the "Serpentine Escape". ...
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    Re: What are you doing now?

    I've been running a new fire wizard trying to get some of the novitiate gear. There have been a couple of questions asked on the forums that make me wonder what the stuff actually looks like. A...
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    Any other references to Himoolaya?

    I have been playing around with Kembaalung, running the dungeons hoping to get skeleton keys. I haven't had much luck getting keys, and will probably move to farming somewhere else, but the place...
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    Where are the tritons?

    The History of Storm Magic tells us: "Some think there is a world of Tritons, waiting to be found." Where is it?

    Dragonspyre is the world of dragons and fire, When you duel with Malistaire you...
  20. Re: What do you think of Farley's gardening pack?

    Your comments suggest to me the Farley's pack and the jewel seeds themselves were created with the double seed benefit in mind, trying to increase revenue by giving players yet another reason to buy...
  21. What do you think of Farley's gardening pack?

    Determined to get my hands on one of the jewel plants, I recently set aside my aversion to the randomness of opening packs and bought Farley's gardening packs until I got one. I opened approximately...
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    Re: Central Rank

    Oops, you are quite correct. Sorry for creating confusion, I suppose I am one of the few people who bothers posting to KingsIsle's official boards. KingsIsle's moderation process is so slow few...
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    Re: Central Rank

    This description of ranking scheme seems to be out of date. I don't see my posts marked with diamonds, but a newer less gaudy system that seems to just give a simple rank title as well as number of...
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    Re: Triangle decks for lesser mortals

    Sorry for being so slow to thank your excellent tip about searching the wiki.

    Also, I am very intrigued by your signature line. Is it actually possible to get an in-game badge for contributing to...
  25. What is the best way to acquire skeleton keys?

    I keep seeing people talking about farming skeleton key dungeons but I don't understand how. Where are people getting the keys? I google lists of skeleton key drops, but it seems nearly every boss...
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