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    Re: Meet Central Tag Game

    Thanks for the tag, ValdusWildheart !
    Three things about me:

    I met my best friend in W101
    My favorite animal is a dolphin
    I recently moved to Japan to play French horn for a living ;)
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    Re: What Book Are You Reading Currently?

    I just finished reading my favorite book ever: The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas
    I'm going to start reading the Gethsemane Brown series by Alexia Gordon. It's fairly new but it sounds...
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    Re: Thoughts on Kiosk Hatching?

    I see a lot of people think the kiosk takes away the social aspect of hatching. I guess that explains why I think the kiosk made hatching 100x better...I'm super antisocial haha. In all seriousness,...
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    Re: Dungeon Chat

    This is a great idea
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    Re: Teleport effects!

    I'm intrigued by these like I am intrigued by a lot of things that come out, but probably not intrigued enough to actually buy it. It just seems like something that would be cool for a day or two and...
  6. [US - HELP WANTED] Re: Just did my 1st darkmoor run since returning...

    If you still need another person, I have ice, storm, life, balance, and death available to help you out! Let me know!
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    Re: Dungeon Teleport

    I absolutely love this idea. I always find it annoying that you have to add a wizard just so you can port back if you're defeated. I usually leave the dungeon and never see them again, what do I want...
  8. Re: Boss Cheats for wizards - How they would work (Concept)

    I like the idea of being able to cheat like the bosses do, particularly because so many of the boss fights in the later worlds are just annoying. I really want to slap them in the face and say, hey,...
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    Re: Spell Idea: Combined Blades

    I saw another spell recently with their own solution to the tediousness of stacking blades. I didn't realize until I saw both of these ideas that I would like to see a new spell in game to help the...
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    Re: Mental Health Awareness Month

    I think this is a great place to post this. Unfortunately, I've talked with quite a few people in the game, most of whom were pretty close friends at one point in time, who had suicidal thoughts....
  11. Re: Stop opening FreeKIGames every time the game closes.

    I have been wanting them to do away with this ever since...well, forever. It's pointless. Are players actually more likely to play FreeKIGames just because the site opens automatically? I would say...
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    Re: What Song Are You Listening To?

    Revolution by The Score
    Love this song
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    Re: Bringing activity back

    I admit, I didn't read every single post, so if someone brought this up, sorry to repeat. I have found that there are 2 reasons I don't get on Central as much anymore.

    1) I'm adulting more and...
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    Re: Is PvP Worth Getting Into?

    It all depends on what you enjoy and how you like to play the game. For me, personally, I enjoy practice pvp because it costs nothing and is all in good fun. Sometimes I get bored and 4v4 is kind of...
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    Re: Treasure Card Vault?

    I really want this to be a thing
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    Re: Questions from a vet player

    1. Not at all. I haven't done anything with monstrology and it seems like a waste of time.
    2. Fishing is useful, but not a necessity. Mainly what I use fishing for is crafting. There are a few...
  17. Helping Out Lower Level Players

    I have been going around low level worlds working on getting badges lately and came up with a philosophical question. We all want to help people out, right? And low level players pretty much always...
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    Re: Level 130 Robes & Deck

    I like everything about these robes and the deck is seriously OP! I would love to see a wand with those stats. I might actually use pip conversion. Lol! I think the abilities are an intriguing idea....
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    Re: Level 130 Daggers & Rings

    I like them. I agree with you that we need new athame and ring options. It would be nice to have good crafted ones available because you know if they implement this in game it will be another...
  20. Re: What is the point of daily assignments?

    I don't do them, because I find them too tedious, but I understand why some do. Even though the amount of crowns and arena tickets is really small, if you do them enough you can get a decent stash to...
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    Re: *BALANCE* DoT Spell Concept

    I like it. I think balance SHOULD have a DoT spell. :cool3:
  22. Re: Moon, Star, and Sun Spells Concept

    I would love to see some of these in the game. I get so frustrated even in pve going second in tough battles, so being able to reverse the fighting order would be a cool spell to be able to play. The...
  23. Re: Purchasing Wizard101 Areas with Crowns - The Math Completed. Sales deals included

    Thanks for doing the math on this! I definitely spent way too much on this game, lol, but it's good to know if you work the sales correctly, it's rather affordable.
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    Re: Who to Keep an Eye on...

    I've always thought Zeke looked a little shifty
  25. Re: New "Blade" Utility Spells Concept

    I actually think this is a great idea. Sometimes, spending 3 turns to stack buffs is rather annoying. I might suggest a pip cost of 4 instead of 3, though, just because a bubble is 2 pips and I would...
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