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  1. Re: Kingsisle "Needs" to do something about this~

    I think it's more about cost-benefit at this point than caring about player retention imo. We saw the 50/50 between revenue from new and old players, but I don't think that's accurate the way you'd...
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    Re: "Gold Sale!"

    Idk if this is allowed here so mods remove if not. Just wanted to give some clarification here and this is not my endorsement of what goes on outside the game.

    Empower exchange rate is typically...
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    Re: Giving Back Guess How Many

    Haha, I actually keep this set on my desk as a conversation piece. LEGO tend to keep a few pieces higher than what the instructions say too, so unless you swapped out the pieces to have fewer, pretty...
  4. Sticky: Re: Countries Where W101 & P101 Game Access Restricted

    It isn't about VPN's per se but about the implications with trade law. Wiz is an intangible game, but it's technically still an export included in international trade. If I can't trade apples with...
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    Re: Beastmoon Hunt, now thru Feb. 8th

    Think it's also a nuance worth mentioning that the actual composition of a team matters. A lot of times you get a full team of the smaller forms (350 health and below) which can get decimated quickly...
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    Re: Karamelle Badges

    Tried early on when Karamelle was first released and later as people started catching on to criteria to get all of the badges and still haven't gotten any of those you mentioned. Guess I could've...
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    Computer Performance and Wiz

    I've been talking to friends about wiz performance and computer setup a bit as it seems wiz hasn't been running as well since the Spring update. Not sure if its just us as we tend to box 2+ windows...
  8. Re: Team Up Kiosk at Castle - Change World?

    I've almost always used the dorm/house kiosk for team ups and have noticed the same thing. Not sure about quitting to the character screen and logging back in after though, will try it later.
  9. Re: "New" Friendship Bundles and Old Favorites in Crown Shop.

    Same, I'd def have bought the bunny mount and swan decoration or two, but would rather just get nothing than have the added fluff.
  10. Re: People being randomly banned for being in an "embargoed country?"

    Doesn't exactly answer your question, but also consider trade/comms restrictions can also be coming from the opposite direction (South Africa imposed on the US vs the other way around). Countries...
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    Re: KI looking for March Bundle ideas

    The best bundle idea yet stop making these useless bundles and just put the items out individually. Might just be me, but having to buy all of this useless stuff together makes me significantly...
  12. Thread: wrytles

    by Grumpy Cat

    [WANTED TO MIX] Re: wrytles

    Hey, I also have these + every color gummy bear.
  13. Re: People being randomly banned for being in an "embargoed country?"

    Law wouldn't be under games or be state specific, and the pack/crown shop thing isn't enough to trigger anything in the US (not that they're alright, but the company isn't large or controversial...
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    Re: Giving Back Guess How Many

    One of my favorite sets as well; My guess is 283.
    Looking forward to a positive semester back in person!
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    Poll: Re: How do you like to do your Questing??

    Of my 5 wiz, I usually do everything on a main and ignore sides on everyone else. Usually I'll accept and if it gets done following friends, etc. then fine, but I don't really go out of my way for...
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    Re: Seed Drops in Karamelle

    I keep my chat box open the normal size it defaults to, and almost always get the entire thing listing drops every fight. Think I had about 15 pages of junk seeds for like an hour or two of farming...
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    Re: Please don't nerf maycast...

    Think this recent dev diary just builds on the idea that there's a huge disconnect between devs and actual players. They can play or stream or whatever all day, but that doesn't mean they can relate...
  18. Re: Flash Raffle! Ends at 10pm CST Saturday! Crowns and Membership!

    Bird is the word, thanks for hosting!
  19. Re: Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event, thru 1/25.

    I personally really like the group feature, just because playing with 3-4 guaranteed others makes it much easier to coordinate and strategically upgrade forms. Lunari are pretty hard to get outside...
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    Re: Best looking area in W101??

    Lake Shore in Avalon! Seems to blend a lot of different textures and vibes into one. Really big fan of the world in general as it has quite a bit more variety than most of the 1st/2nd arcs. I also...
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    Re: Monthly Wiz-Related Spending

    Think I remember those drops from right when all of this stuff came out a few months back. Been farming Uwe the past week with Yuna and some others, and I've probably done about 2 dozen runs give or...
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    Re: Monthly Wiz-Related Spending

    Totally agree, and it seems a guaranteed drop after X runs (assuming X was a reasonable number) might be a viable alternative to the grind towards nothing. I seem to get an entire page of random...
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    Re: Monthly Wiz-Related Spending

    Bailey Jade KingNothing
    So would you guys prefer going back to the model of a world a year and side dungeon sorts of things more like DM? Seems like the key word for a lot of people is how tedious...
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    Re: Kingsisle bought by MGI

    Using the justification that the dude was a PvP captain 10+ years ago is a moot point. Who that spends a decent amount hasn't been a captain at some point?

    Playing the game with devo special...
  25. Poll: Re: Monstrology Events and End of World Rewards Please! :)

    This would probably make it harder to get points though, because you have to put each thing into the rotation of a finite number of weeks in an individual scroll. It's a sum zero game where adding...
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