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    Re: Building the ideal ice wizard

    Not exactly sure why your accuracy is not 100%, 15% accuracy jewels exist now. I have never had this issue on my ice and I farmed the last boss enough to max her spellements.

    The fights...
  2. Re: Returning from a 2 year break, universal resist question

    Most of the enemies have pierce now, so probably not. Then again most of the enemies can be killed in 2-3 rounds solo, so probably not an issue.
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Test Realm is Open

    As a Myth, I feel mocked by all the "eye balls" in Novus
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    Glad to hear I will be furture punished for being here so long all my wizards are maxed. Cheers, seems i have overstayed my welcome.
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    Wow, glad I already have this. Always time to fix things that are not broken in wiz I guess.
  6. [TEST REALM] Re: Test Realm Patch Notes for Nov. 21, 2022.

    Great the only thing that sets myth apart is gone, just delete all myths already KI, better then screwing them over again and again.

    So glad I spent all that time upgrading my spellements one...
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    Re: Our Country is so broken

    There are so many mass shootings we don't even here about half of them, we are all being numbed to the horror.
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    Our Country is so broken

    Another day, another mass shooting. Another day, another hate crime.

    The oligarchs power is in keeping us divided, people are people, we are all after the same thing, happiness and a good ...
  9. Re: Developers want to be treated better! It goes both ways!

    Lydia Greyrose was let go before Tom, sorry cannot remember her name.

    Eric is a Dev, Sparck is community manager, big difference. As you said its moot, we all just deal with it, so why ...
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    Re: Beastmoon Spellements Reward

    Either Sparck lied and KI went with it, or he failed to communicate the change ahead of time! Bottom line, you will get what you get and be happy (pretty davos-esque if you ask me).

    Bad decisions...
  11. Re: Developers want to be treated better! It goes both ways!

    Except Sparck is not a dev and communication is like his main job, hiim I can totally blame for lack of info and feedback.

    If you are not a streamer he could care less what you have to say.
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    Re: Beastmoon Spellements Reward

    When they messed up the scroll that one time and sparck declared all amounts on scrolls are random.
  13. Re: Developers want to be treated better! It goes both ways!

    To be fair, most of what we accuse hem of probably comes from higher up in the food chain.

    Having said that I do not see them being treated poorly or as less then human, so idk.
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    Re: Deckathalon

    I am at a loss as to what you actually want here. Deck building and management is really the heart of the deckathlon. If you fail you fail, its on you not KI. Everyone in the tower is subject to...
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    [TEST REALM] Re: Wow Fire shadow spells changed

    Fire has been catered to for years by KI Personally I would love if it was nerfed, tired of being a second class citizen because I choose to play myth.

    At least you can be vanguard in a raid, the...
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    Re: Deckathalon

    Beastmoon will get you all the ruins but superior, having skipped decka for so long and spamming bm instead I was able to make all level 10 decks on my first run throughs :)

    Other than that you...
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    Re: Lore Master

    We did not get headless spellemetns this holiday, they took them out to decide which key to hide them behind maybe?
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    Re: Adding Guild & Raid information

    Here is some more, hopefully no duplicates.

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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    Removal of the damage cap in test should help out with raids, still 40% pierce bare minimum is still needed, but all those 190 damage fires will be happy!
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    [TEST REALM] Re: PVE Damage cap removed?

    Does a damage cap in PvE even matter?? We already have more than enough damage to PvE, even without all the world nerfs.
  21. Re: Removing "inavactive" Guild members? Protecting members?

    A guild is supposed to be a group of like minded people who actually interact with each other, not just drop off azoth. Having said that, why would you keep someone in your guild who never talked...
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    More Raid Gear

    Athames, amulets, rings and decks dropped from one of the bosses before nullity, hard to check drops with timer running.
  23. Re: Deckathalon Bugged, What Else is New?

    Troll is a range of damage, always calculate on the low end. Also, you are using a TC troll in deckathalon, not your trained upgraded spell.
  24. Re: Removing "inavactive" Guild members? Protecting members?

    Your only protection is to be involved with your guildmates and leader so they do not want to kick you.

    Not sure they could actually force someone to keep anyone in their guild, sorry.
  25. [TEST REALM] Re: Beastmoon Hunt Progress Bar and Rewards

    Thank you, that makes more sense, but you know this is KI :).
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