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    Re: Flying Pet Bundle

    Agreed, this is getting absurd:pinch:. Come on guys, get real not greedy. You will make more money OVERALL with several smaller sales than with just a very few large one. Do the math.
  2. Re: Free Training Point Buyback - Member Benefit, thru 5/16

    It's great they do this, but I still think they need to create an option of which spells you want to sell back instead of just a blanket of all spells.

    It makes the entire process of adjusting...
  3. Re: Aquila Expansion!! What would you like to see?

    I would like to see a bit of a cross-over to P101 Aquila. There are many opportunities there as we could get recruited to sail the skies and help the Gods.
  4. Re: What is your favorite area in Wizard City and why?

    :question:I took some time to think about this one.

    Keep in mind, I started playing long before there were even pets:dog:. If you eliminate Unicorn Way from the list (Which is where we meet a...
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    Re: Enhanced Rat

    I double checked, you can add Reindeer Knight to the list.:sneaky2:
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    Re: Enhanced Rat

    That explains a of of things. Thanks for the info.
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    Re: Mastery Amulet Monday!

    Just my opinion, but I would like to see a new generation of these, with either jewel sockets, stat boosts or even spells included making them more useful at higher levels.
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    Re: New Pet:Beau Frog


    Big time throwback to early WB :taz:cartoons!

    :039a:"Hello my honey, hello my baby..." Ribbit
  9. Re: W101 E-mail Notice - Online Cart Purchases Discount


    Thank you for letting us know! Finally something I can use just for Crowns and not have to buy a membership I already have.:whistling:
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    Oh no! Now I have the silly song stuck in my head again.:52:

    In school, my friends and I even learned the entire song by listening to Dr. Demento.

    OK, revenge time, do you remember...

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    Re: Most challenging W101 memories

    :hmmmm:I wanted to think about this one for awhile, because when your new, there are so many difficult challenges as you learn the basics.

    I finally narrowed it down to...

    Golem Tower!

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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    I love Kim Chi. After over 10 years of managing a hotel in Hawaii when I was younger, Kim Chi is a must in my house. Did you know they also make a cucumber and turnip version? The cucumber is...
  13. Poll: Re: Which world gives you the most nostalgia?

    For me, it is also Wizard City...back where it all began. Thank you for the reminder about classic mode! Gonna try that tonight.
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    Re: "Thought For the Day"

    Chili, cheese and onions #1:eating2:


    Mustard & Sauerkraut:clown:
  15. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    Thank you Sparck. To say your effort and response is appreciated would be a vast understatement.

    Folks,THIS is why we need to have rational, reasonable and productive discussions here, and in all...
  16. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    BRAVO! This was a perfect way to remind us all of the importance of this issue and following the rules.

    Many years ago in College I had a Business Law class, and one of the first things we were...
  17. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    I agree 100%. As I said before, if you are currently playing, YOU agreed to the rules and should be held accountable for breaking them in accordance with those same rules YOU agreed to.

  18. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    I agree in large part with you, but I do have a concern or 2.

    When information is shared, it is difficult at best to ensure it is only a user name and not a real name, let alone more private...
  19. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    I am not trying to shut down the thread. If the discussion is just that, discussion, I am all for it. But if you look at the posts, it has started to go from discussion to something else.

  20. Re: 10 Year Mute For Sharing Chat Server Tag

    Guys, enough already.

    Both sides of this argument have valid points, but the simple fact is that KI has to follow certain Federal Laws...Period.

    Let's stop beating a dead horse and remember...
  21. Re: May is Mental Health Awareness Month - 1 in 5

    Hi and hugs!

    Thank you for this thread. Many, if not most, hide from mental issues in shame. There is nothing to be shamed about, in fact you should be proud.

    Why proud?

    Because YOU have...
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    Goodbye Witchiepoo

    A sad day has come to fantasy! ...
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    Re: KI wants Pet/Mount Bundle Ideas

    :punk:THIS is the best idea yet!
  24. Re: Known Requests: Name changes, dye support, crowns sales, etc.

    Yes, YES, YES, YES

    Please fix this, including the clock father badges and other side badges.:greensmilies-008:
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    Re: KI wants Pet/Mount Bundle Ideas

    Bundles are fine, IF you start having more Crown Sales events so we can afford the bundle. Enough with trying to link Crowns with memberships (Some of us have full memberships already and have no...
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